What is the most powerful small flashlight?

I'm seeing many small flshligts and I'm losing myself. For small flashlight I mean the size between FandyFire 502B XM-LT6 and Olight M21-X Warrior. If it also is complete with features and if it is a little bit floody it is better (single 18650).Thanks for your suggestions.

If you are looking for something with a single 18650, any P60 host (SolarForce L2 for quality and price)

And either a Manafont UltraFire 3 mode drop in or the Intl-Outdoor drop in.

Yep, that'll be what you want.

XML U2 is small and 770 ANSI lumens (measured!) with 1x 16340

Maybe a 2100?


I don't have this light so I can't comment on the brightness and quality, but I know variants of this light get a lot of love around here... XM-L brightness in a package much smaller than your typical P60 host.

Maybe somebody can recommend a better model with a better driver than the MF offering?

<edit>Floodier than a typical P60 too...

Maybe a 501a with the XM-L P60 drop-in...



Get some good 18350 cells to go with that though...

For the money, throw and relatively small the ULTRAFIRE HD2010 is hard to beat.
I just picked 2 up after reading from experience users here and have to say well worth.

SC600 but it’s not budget…

L2m with a BIO 18350 and manafont XM-L drop in? Not what you asked for, but it’s compact and bright :stuck_out_tongue: