What is the smallest rechargeable battery light for under $20,-

I'm want to replace my keychain light for something better and more important with rechargeable battery. What would be the smallest light under $20,- (incl. shipping) you can get. It does not have to be bright but should be better then a normal 5 mm. led. Rather a flood light then a thrower because it probably will used for near by.

DQG Tiny II is over $20, so I would suggest CQG S1 for $15 (incl. shipping!)

Great little light, available also with neutral tint(!!).

DQG Tiny II would be the perfect light. The only thing is its not real cheap. And together with your keys it won't stay nice for long.

I did find the S1 on this forum and aside if it's easily to put on your keychain (looks like a to small hole for it) I still think it's a bit long. But certainly a light I would consider.

An other light that comes close is the itp a3 but it's also above $ 20,-

I too would suggest the SkyRay S1 or if you would like a lot of power on your keyring then the Brinyte PD03A.

There's a good review of the Brinyte here.

BTW - The Brinyte is available from DX's UK warehouse (at this page) so you should be able to get it far quicker than you would ordering it from DX's China Depot.

Actually, it's fine. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll try to find some Euro currency and take a picture for you (don't smoke, don't carry calipers so currency will have to do :D). Personally, I think the S1 is great. I've had it on my keychain for a while now and I use it almost every day. It's small, lightweight, takes protected 10440s and has yet to let me down.

Click for full-size. :)

I'll go with the S-1 or the tank 703 .. s-1 is on my keys ..I'll buy it again soon waiting for the s-2 and i'll add them together and save shipping

i have this cheap one on my keychain.


But, its really bright acording to its price. For comparison i can say that its as bright as tank007 e06.


Apparently that MXDL takes a standard P60 pill. Can you confirm? If so I'm v.v.interested. That light with an XP-G and 1A driver would be ultra sweet with a 16340.


I have this one all coz it is cheap

Ultrafire 602c is a single mode AAA twist keychain light that is easy to get into the head (most are not) so you can easily put a piece of diffusion material between the lens and reflector if you want more flood.

It is about 60 lumens and cost about $15 at DX. If you want a clicky switch... Tank007 TK-701 (I just ordered that one but haven't received it yet). That one is about $9 at DX. It's a single mode AAA light outputting 80 lumens approx.

ITP A3 is even better but it's $24 plus shipping.

i dont know how to define p60 pill, but you can see in the picture demounted parts. Diameter of the plastic reflector is 19mm and depth is 12 mm. If your modding plan is not so complex ( i mean soldering etc.) i appreciate your share. i also want to make this light brighter because it became my edc beyond being a keychain light :)

Unfortunately Lightake isnt selling the ITP A3 anymore.. (sold out), but they had them for 19.XX $ after 7% discount. including free shipping.

Look on Ebay, for the Olight i3 (follow up of the ITP a3) for 21 dollars including an AAA battery, and you can also do a "best offer" and get it down to 20,50 ;)

Or wait a few days/weeks and try to get your hands on the new Thrunite.. (as spoken of in another thread here on BLF)

Shiningbeam.com has the older ITP A3's on clearance for $15.75 and I think there is a discount code floating around somewhere to bring that under $15. Depending on the shipping cost, that might be under $20 for you. (It was $3 shipping to Canada).


It says the clearance ones are an xpe-q5 and the newer ones are xp-g's.

Wow what a response. Thanks!

VFMaddict: The SkyRay S1 does look very promising. That it can use 10440 is also a plus

Oxy Moron: Sorry I wasn't very clear I mend the CQG S1 was a bit long.

Boaz: Tan 703 is a very nice light I like that it has a clicky. But it does not win on size. But still maybe I just need to have one.

rizaoztop: Something completely different but nice find.

lighthunter: cheap okay but not really small

gcbryan: The ultrafire 602C 1w is indeed small but I'm wondering what 1W would do.

ChibiM: Good find. But why is it slightly bigger then the ITP :( 70,8 mm. against 66,5 mm. I know I'm picky. Any measurement on the thrunite already?

1hotdr: I'm going to look in the shipping cost (found it, it's $6,75). Is there a big difference between xpe-q5 and xp-g?

I'm not sure yet about the difference between the xpe and xpg versions of the ITP A3 lights... so I ordered both!

What I expect is that the xpg is brighter (its high mode is rated at 96 lumens vs the 80 lumens of the xpe). This may be noticeable side to side, but I doubt I can tell much difference.

The xpg should have more flood and the xpe should have more throw. This is due to the xpe emitter being smaller. They are small lights, though, so I don't expect either to have a lot of throw.

The modes are in a different order. The xpg goes low-med-high. The xpe goes med-low-high. If you don't like switching through modes, I think the med-low-high is the best, since the medium mode is as bright as a 2xAA mini mag light. That is not bright by todays standards, but it is more than enough for a keychain light in my opinion.

The two lights use PWM for low and medium. PWM is where the light is rapidly switched on and off to make the light less. On the xpe the switching occurs at a lower frequency than the xpg version and some people are bothered by the xpe.

I'm really hoping I like the xpe version. At this price I can see buying several more to stash all over (one in car, one at office, one in gym bag, etc. they are so small I think I could stash them anywhere).

Hallo Stippier,

take a look here. the ITP and Olight side by side comparison!

ik zit zelf ook te twijfelen tussen deze 2!

The thrunite looks like having only 2 levels.. high and moonlight (ultra low).

good luck.. and let us know which you finally bought

1hotdr: good explanation

ChibiM: Thanks for that link that was very helpful.

At this moment I'm doubting between:

SkyRay S1 length 72 mm.

Tank007 TK701 length 75 mm. - like the clicky and the price

TANK007 - E09 length 70 mm. - found on an other thread here shortest so far.

Above budget

Itp A3 EOS length 66,5 mm.

Olight i3 length 71 mm.

To bad not any of these come close to the CQG tiny II length 57,5 mm.


Apparently that MXDL takes a standard P60 pill. Can you confirm? If so I'm v.v.interested. That light with an XP-G and 1A driver would be ultra sweet with a 16340.


I am able to screw the brass pill from a Price Angels Q3 P60 insert into an MXDL. I also modded one with a Shiningbeam XP-G neutral tint - it's a great light for almost no $$...it does get warm pretty quickly though.