What is the smallest rechargeable battery light for under $20,-

Smallest I know of under $20 is the Nextorch K1 at 64mm. Not very bright at about 15 lumens, though. I've heard decent comments from the few people I know that have them.


Here's a pic of the CQG-S1 (I had to trade my DQG tiny-II for the day to take this pic!) along with keys and an R5-A3 for comparison. I find it works pretty well as a keychain light, and the steel body hasn't picked up any notable marring in the month or so it's been in use.

Edit: Stippier: The DQG tiny-II and the CQG-S1 are both stainless steel body lights, so they can take a bit of abuse. Also, since they're bare metal, you don't get really notice any scratches...heck, you hardly notice the BLF engraving!

SirJohn: I found that light to but with 15lumen I'm wondering if a normal 5 mm. Ø led does not do the same.

devman: You made me doubt again.

Because of me doubting I informed on the DQG tiny II because it is exactly what I want only on a much higher price. But the do not have it anymore.

Yeah, the page is still up, but Ric sold off the last of the DQG's. Damn, somehow that slipped my mind.

I have to say that I'm more than happy with the build quality of the CQG, and for $15 shipped, it's a steal.

+1 to what devman said.

If I wouldn't edc my DQG Tiny II, I would use my CQG S1 instead. Both of them are great little lights.

I like to have a steel flashlight in keychain to avoid scratches and used it often for leverage

I have that


The cons are the screw switch that I modded a bit... the 5 modes but not really a con make it very versatile and the weight

Oke guys you got me convinced. The winner is .... the CQG S1 like suggested first in post #2. pros: clicky, thin, does not scratch easily, price cons: bit longer then I would like. Only one mode but I don't think that is really a con for this light.

With a good second place for the Thank007 E09. I probably would have "tuned" the end and made it shorter and found an other way to attach it to my keys.

Above the $20,- it probably would have been the DQG II tiny if it was still available. So that leaves the Itp A3 EOS.

Thank for all your suggestions.

Maybe its late but, you may consider Don's documents to have some information about many lights (most of small lights) and my other suggestion is Trustfire F23. its a bit larger then S1 but, its brightness is more then double of it (172 LM with 10440). Also steel, price is under 15$.

Trustfire F23 is a good light, but it's too large and heavy for my taste. Actually there is a huge size difference.

My personal EDC history is:
Trustfire F23 - shiny, nice output, large(ish) & heavy, too many (blinky) modes (didn't use this for a long time)
Ultrafire SA R2 - smaller, even better output, still too many blinky modes (this was my favorite EDC for a long time)
DQG Tiny II R4 - "smallest possible", less output, nice two mode twisty UI with low enough low, very pleasant neutral tint (my current EDC, very happy with this, no plans to change)

Every step was a significant improvement, and if I had to throw in a CQG S1, it would be between SA-R2 and DQG Tiny II.

rizaoztop:I was looking for the shortest light and this one is 90 mm. long. A nice light but to long.

_the_ the DQG Tiny is not available anymore. The SA R2 would have been nice to.

But I went for the CQG S1