What is this called?

One of the problems we encounter in the budget flashlight world is that many of the products are generic. They’re sold as “CREE LED 1800 Lumens Glare Flashlight” or other similarly useless terms which don’t uniquely identify the light. Practically everything gets labelled as UltraFire or UniqueFire or whatever else the creator decided to print on it, regardless of whether it’s actually genuine.

Communicating about these items is hard when we don’t have names to identify each item.

If you found a nice light and don’t know what it’s called, ask here and maybe someone can help identify it.

I got a nice zoomie light from Wallbuys recently but have no idea what its name or model number are. Here’s the link:

Any idea what it’s called?

This is the best zoomie I’ve found, wider than any other flood-to-throw I’ve tried on its flood setting, and only second place for narrowest beam (slightly narrower than my wide-lens Sipik SK-68, same width as a standard SK-68). It’s also quite bright, with what I think is about 700 to 800 lumens on the wide setting.

I received this light recently too, but don’t know what it’s called:

This one is pretty, but it doesn’t perform nearly as well as the zoomie I linked above. It’s not as wide, not as narrow, not as bright, protected cells get dented with the tail cap tightened all the way, and the beam is downright purple.

I haven’t been able to find a model name/number for this one either. Anyone else know what it is?









ultrafire 838

resembles poppas 878

Thanks, now I know what to call it. :slight_smile:

I also found an item called a “Keygos C11” which looks the same, so perhaps this design has multiple names. I got the Wallbuys one though, and their post about it on LiveJournal identifies it by model number… so I’ll use the name they gave it.

Yes, those all appear to be the same design. It seems there are quite a few variations…

A lot of us ordered that light during the sale, and it is good news that you find it a good buy.

You or someone else who has received that order (I haven’t yet) should start a thread on it, for discussion and mini reviews.

Another item I can’t seem to find the name for… a headlamp this time

It’s a decent little headlamp, but the flood mode is rather narrow and the tilt/cant mechanism is fragile with too few stops. It’s fabulous as a head-mounted narrow spotlight though, or for signalling at cars. I got one for $8 a while back but haven’t really used it since I got a Zebralight H51w.

The output is roughly the same as my Sipik SK-68 clones, but perhaps a touch more intense. Slightly more lux when zoomed, but I highly doubt the total output is anywhere near the advertised 300 lumens. The emitter itself maxes out at ~250. Either XR-E-based item would be great for pizza drivers who need to see the addresses on dark houses.

Video review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yofy9mDXqY4

The Keygos C11 zoomer has been around for quite sometime and is a pretty good little light. Best thing about it is that it NEVER gets hot. You can tailstand it all day on turbo and it barely gets warm. I have a couple ebay clones of the C11 and the “real” C11 is brighter and made much better. Typical for most (if not all) Keygos lights. Very well made.

Downside on the C11 is that it’s way underpowered. I’m guessing 400 lumens — if that — on turbo flood.

Wish that Keygos would come out with some new lights. They took the budget world by storm with the ke-5 power house and then just sorta dried up. I haven’t seen anything new from them in maybe a year or even more.

I’ll second keygos’s general build quality, I love the m10.