What is this light? T-shaped Zoom headlight.

anyone have info on this light? i cant find a model number or much about it.


I don't know what it is but don't worry, its from Dinodirect so it won't be what arrives if you order it.

(Lol, sorry, Summer, I couldn't resist that one.)

looks like a great product, even better if it can be disassembled/modded. needs a gitb switch cover, xml-u2, and a clip. If I find it for $20...click, bang

200LM/4hour ? High price?


Plenty of this type of light on Ebay

much nicer price, thanks! despite the fact that my time should be worth more than $1/hr, I will hunt the web for 3 hours to make sure I don't spend $3 more than I have to lol

edit: hmmm, forum comments not so good. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/high-power-ultra-bright-cree-q3-3-mode-110-lumen-led-headlamp-with-camouflage-pouch-1-aa-1-14500-52684

lol. It would be hard to send something worse so he might get lucky.

I have got one, and I am happy with it, I bought it from buyincoins at ebay ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Mode-Zoom-AA- ... 3a639c82ef ) where I found it the cheapest, I think it was around 9 dollars without charger and battery.

It is not that easy to dissasemble and mod as there is glue in the threads, so do not get it thinking about modding it, it could be done but you might scratch it.

I checked the power consumption with li-ion and NimH whith the following data:

With 14500:

High: 1.4A

Med: 0.4A

With Ni-Mh AA:

High: 1.7A

Med: 0.7A

The med mode on both batteries has enough light for normal situations and it has a great runtime ( about 2h with 14500 and 3h with AA).

What I did not like is, when walking or running with it, the flashlight bounces a little bit, making it a bit annoying, I fixed it adding and extra strip coming from the front to the back of my head.

In the floodiest position, it could be a bit wider, it is usable, but a bit wider would be better.

And another thing is, mine came whith the die centered, but not on a horizontal position it is not a real con, but I like when I see the die, to be that way, and not about 15º over the horizontal.

The angle regulation, is better than I thought, in fact I like this system now more than the hinged ones which tend to break, or get loose.

Another pro is, if for any reason you do not like it, it breaks etc, you can keep the headband and use it with other AA/14500 flashlights just turining it 90º in your head ( you will loose the angle regulation in this case).

Here you got a few pictures I made from it:

a pencil torch makes quick work of glued threads - and a plastic lens, too driver would probably survive.

we need to buy up all these lights they made two years ago so that they start selling them w/ xml emitters!

good point about the angle lights and loose joints. could probably tighten them though, even if you had to replace a pin with a screw?

there must be some not so budget versions of this light but I don't recall seeing them

Won one on a Ebay bidding.Came all lose,so I have to figure a tool to fix it.Very thin tube but will avoid glue to lock it together. Worth the $5.59 I payed.

btw, I saw that Dino want´s 35 bucks now.

It is not bad for the money it costs just a bit more than the headband itself, which by the way looks better to me than the one from ultrafire.

Mine was glued, so I am afraid, I can’t tell you how to fix it.