What is This Torch ?

I bought this at a whim on eBay for $2 shipped, I was surprise it is pretty bright with just a 1.5v. Emitter doesn’t look like a Cree, but it is throwing around 120 lumens. Now I am tempted to get one similar with a zoomie.

Zoomie that looks similar

A slew of UF SK68 just came in the mail today and I compared the SK68 with the same 1.5v cell with this torch and it is not as bright nor throw as far as this little torch. I guess a SMO reflector and flat lens throws that much further, I am truly impressed with it, I thought the SK68 would blow it out of the water, was I wrong !

You gotta link or was it a 1 time bid?

I couldn’t resist and ordered on today. Thanks for pointing it out EdT.

The seller keeps selling them, I guess most flasholics don’t give it a second look because it doesn’t have a Cree emitter.
I actually like it better than a SK68, the body is slimmer and longer and easier to grasp than the SK68, also fit nicely in a shirt pocket !

Mystery Torch !


Doesn’t look like it, plus it doesn’t have a Cree emitter.