What is this?

Convoy M21E XHP70.2

Something new? Any good?


Looks interesting.

Looks like an ice cream cone.

Saw this same design form Pioneman recently at Aliexpress

Texas Toasted, thanks for point this out.

So, who owns the original design, Convoy or Pioneman?

I recall seeing the Silver Pioneman first, before Convoy M21E came out, and I was quite interested in it.

I would say Convoy:

Pioneman, Courui, MantaRay, Ekoras, DanceLite, CountryMan, and many others probably profit from the hosts “designed” by Simon.

XHP70.2 can’t be good.

That depends on how much you hate green and also on binning. My sc700d is green if you compare it to some of my other lights. It doesn’t really bother me when walking outside though and that’s my primary use for the light.

On the other hand, I got the Thrunite T2 for my dad though and that thing is SO GREEN. But Dad won’t care about that. He’ll just be impressed by the size and the output.