What is your area of expertise or interest in flashlights?

Mine is mostly penlights and headlamps.

Jack of all trades (Sorry Jack), Master of none. I know next to nothing about electricity, electronics or anything to do with modding. As a former artist, however, I do appreciate the design aspects of flashlights. As a cyclist, I am a heavy user of flashlights, at least for part of the year. I am on a quest to find the perfect light for my #1 hobby and I admit I have a lot of fun doing it.

No expert, but I love torches. Mostly EDC and pocket friendly ones. Although I’m a huge MagLite fan too.

I've been on an EDC kick lately too. I really like AAA and small AA lights that will fit in my coin pocket.

breaking them.

Started to get addicted to flashlights as soon as i bumped into BLF :smiley:
It seems i am leaning towards throw as my main interest while using a single cell flashlight.

Always been interested in flashlights since I was a kid. I just never know all of these brands and communities existed, I knew about high end lights but they were way to expensive to justify. I had a 4D MagLight and a MiniMag LED for the car and that was it.

Oddly I came across this wonderful world when I got a few nice lasers this time last year, there was some flashlight interest over at laserpointerforums and that is how I came across this site.

I really like very bright throwers the most, even though they aren’t the most useful light most of the time.

Probably batteries and throwers. I have way to many batteries...


Lights I can use for work - cheap, portable, reliable, good combination of low to high with good run time.

Basically off the shelf, a keygos m10 and s c8 q5 in a headstrap fits the bill, I just buy more to see if there is better…… :bigsmile:

I’ve run through the various stages of flashaholism.
2) high output
3) battery choice and format
4) edc, smaller more compact
5) UI, chasing the prefect user interface
6) tint snob, finding the perfect tint for me
7) colored led’s (love red emitters)

Now I’m back to throwers and beastly lights :wink:

I’ve been into lights for a long time, I only found out that I wasn’t the only one a few years ago when I found out there where flashlight forums. I no longer feel alone in my love of the led.
I’m a city maint carpenter, and I use lights in no light and no light environments; abandoned buildings, fires, LRT tunnels, boarding up drug houses. A reliable and powerful light is very comforting to have at hand.

Flashaholism !!!

I asked this question to get the lay of the land so to speak. From my recent reading, it is clear there are a lot of people who love a big thrower.

I bought several lights because of all the talk about them (HD-2010, Fenix TK-35, C8, Keygoes, etc) but I am not that into bigger lights. I am far more impressed with a small 1AA light that can throw than a large light for some reason.

I carry a 2AAA penlight and 1x18650 headlamp at work and use them constantly. That’s why my interest lays mostly with those types of lights.

I am still impressed with my SkyRay King though! That thing makes me smile when I turn it on at night. It’s a beast of a light and a must have for all budget flashaholics.

I have penlights, my fav being the one by 511 the atac plx

That’s the fifth and last penlight I bought.

I like to think I’ve got a light from every category :wink:

I like taking things apart. Sometimes they get put back together. Usually with too much under the hood.