What is your favorite large and small Chinese budget knife?

Tell us Your favorite budget knife folders. I separate it into large and small but the line can be fuzzy.

It is hard to pick one but if I had to pick just one in each category it would be the Ganzo 710 for large and Enlan M025 for smaller.

I own almost all of them so I had to leave out some good ones like the Enlan EL-01, Navy K607, Navy K631, Enlan EM01 and other good ones.

Funny, i just wrote this a moment ago in a different thread…
My votes go for srm 763 in small ones, and ganzo 704 in large…… i know…… not very original…. :~

SRM 738:

Ganzo G704:

My favourites recently:
Large: Ganzo G711 (modded handle)
Small: Enlan M025

Large (actually it is small)
Magnum (by boker)

Small edc (ultra small) fits all those small pockets in jeans :slight_smile: SRM 719. Great knife.

SRM/LAND 905, Enlan F723

The full flat grind of the SRM 905 is perfect for many tasks, as the full hollow grind of the Enlan F723.

I’m still using my SRM 939, Enlan L02 and SRM 710. Less often, SRM 704 and 763.
I do not use anymore my Ganzo G704 and G710 or SRM 962, their blade is too thick behind the edge, that give the impression to use an axe. It is the same for several of my large Enlan except the EL-02 (hollow grind).
The Inron MY803 is too large for my taste / use (EDC).
Navy steel sucks.

I like the BEE L02 for small and the Enlan EL02B for large.

Large : Enlan EL01

Small : SanRenMu 763

I love knives I can never get enough of them either. Not that I have made it a hobby (yet). I just like a good knife for the job. I hunt and fish a lot so there are the right knives for those activities. I also butcher my own meat as well, so there are those. Then I have kitchen knives. I worked as a butcher on and off decades. So I know about good knives not being the same as expensive knives. I even recently bought a set of ceramic knives just to see what they were all about. Not bad for what they are good at. (nothing with a bone in it).

Well anyway, what I was wondering is, are they any decent budget Chinese wood carving knives (whittlers) or hook knives (spoon knives)? Something on par with Mora? I am semi-retired now and any and all new hobbies are appreciated.

Ps. A sub-forum just for knives would be killer.

+1. these are my picks as well.

Don’t know for a small one, but my absolute favourite is Ganzo G710, which is kind of large.

SRM939 and 763

I don’t know of a Chinese Mora. Don’t really see the point as Moras so cheap. The Chinese stainless is not bad but I have not tried any carbon steel from China.

The large one: Enlan EL02B (stonewashed blade, axis lock, G10 - love it). Have the Enlan version - the new came with the BEE logo (which doesn’t looks great).

Small: Sanrenmu 702 or Leen 1203-1

Where do you guys buy your knives? Free or inexpensive shipping would be nice.
I have a small collection of knives I bought or got as a present over the last ~10 years.
Now that I’ve seen these budget knives, a whole new world has been opened for me ;).

Mostly Exduct. They have the best selection. I got some on EBay as well. Bought one here or three from DD, Fastech, Manafont, etc but mostly Exduct.

large: Enlan EL-01

small: SRM GB4-612

and medium: SRM 710

This, EL01B and 763 G10.

EL01B is really huge and massive, rather heavy knife, Im sure it will last a while and thanks to its coating wont get rust that fast on its blade even when abused.
763 is beautiful and well made knife, IMO there is no competition for the money. Love its axis lock!

I have only 3 Chinese brand knives, 3rd one is really beaten up 730T :smiley:

Can I ask a little off topic question here - how do you protect your carbon knives from rust?
I know cleaning every time after it gets wet is the best choice, but any other ways to protect its hidden places in between scales etc where its not that easy to reach into without taking knife apart?

Large: Ganzo 704
Small: SRM763 OR SRM 6261
Smallest: Böker + knock-off

I kinda like the Ganzo but it has pretty thick blade :frowning:
It feels like the blade is balanced far from the tip, goes narrower from top + bottom.
Axis lock is nice.

I recently got a SRM 703 from discount and I like the way it can be helped open with finger.
Any other liner locks, that can be assisted to open like EL-01 and SRM703?
EL-01 would be a tad large and I´m afraid it has also pretty thick blade.

I don’t know if you would consider $32.00 budget, but I was given this Ken Onion Ripple as a Christmas present. It has the IKBS ball bearing system and is very smooth opening and closing and is very light. It is a flipper like the EL-01.

Here is one on Ebay here .