What is your favorite large and small Chinese budget knife?

Nice… I really like my LB-763 alot. I use it daily.

Very nice Glenn, I’m going to have to get the T11.

Rick, the T11 is really nice. It's like a glorified box cutter with a can/bottle opener. :)

Would be a great letter opener also.

Last time i looked it was 2 to 3 dollars more per knife. That is ok if you are buying just one knife but i tend to buy 5 or 6 knives at once. I might have to look again at their prices.

T11 is great for letter opening. It’s a cute knife, bit like the Mantis Pit Boss. I find the jimping makes it a bit uncomfortable for tasks requiring a firm grip.

Yes, that 3 dollars more per knife is the consecuence of now called “shipping free”, the before shipping cost is added to the knife price now. But the total cost i think is the same.
Mmm, i do not remember if before each knife in the same package you must pay the shipping for each one, if it wasn’t then now are more expensive in general.

It is difficult to compare former shipping prices. Exduct used to offer HDNL Express which was quicker than Airmail.

They do offer discount coupon codes if you order more (3% off $30, %4 off $50, etc.). Maybe that can be used to offset the price of shipping for orders of multiple items?

Today I ordered a ganzo G704 440C, can’t wait to receive it…

Mmmm, i think in fasttech the G704 is cheaper.

(If you bought in exduct of course, if not my phrase hasn’t sense).

I bought from exduct because I’m not sure if fasttech has the 440 or 440C version

I love my Enlan EM01 and can't believe the quality for only $7.xx! Gets used daily. My one Sanrenmu doesn't impress me nearly as much, but I think I need to try another model. I don't yet own a Ganzo.

EDIT - The Sanrenmu I bought is the GC4-734.


I would love a nice little flipper knife, but one can’t (lawfully) carry a one-hand open-able locking knife over here.
I wonder if it’s possible to modify a liner lock in the way that it still supports the blade so it doesn’t dangle around but still lets the blade fold with reasonable force?
Or maybe there are even non-locking one-hand knifes available? (I had no luck with my search so far)

I would count both my favorites as medium tbh.

My work and play edc rigs, work is an oem d5 light (soon to be qlite and hi cri xm-l2) and sanrenmu m1 both in an xpower holster from fasttech, play is a trustfire t2 1.7a xp-g 4c (soon to be hi cri xp-g2 and hopefully a dr jones driver) and enlan m028.

<a href=Photo Storage | Photobucket target=_blank><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/20130806_210559_zpsa409ffb1.jpg border=0 alt=>

<a href=Photo Storage | Photobucket target=_blank><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/20130806_210614_zpsfe985a22.jpg border=0 alt=>
<a href=Photo Storage | Photobucket target=_blank><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/20130806_210710_zps841356bc.jpg border=0 alt=>
<a href=Photo Storage | Photobucket target=_blank><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/20130806_210801_zps841248a9.jpg border=0 alt=>
<a href=Photo Storage | Photobucket target=_blank><img src=http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x48/gords1001/20130806_210809_zpsb7e22178.jpg border=0 alt=>


Enlan/Bee EL-01


Enlan/Bee EL-04MCT


SanRenMu LB763


SanRenMu GB704

Take the scales off and use Renaissance Wax on anything that you can’t get at easily. I use Sentry’s Tuff-Glide on the blade and Hi-Slip on the pivots.

What’s about the Sanrenmu M1 in Gords1001’s post? That’s a non-locking folder.

Thing is that the law is so crazy imprecise (done on purpose). If you get searched by a cop (which happens at least in my city from time to time) and he thinks you have no rightfully purpose, you will go to court. If the judge is one of those knife/weapon hating people, you will get an entry for violating of weapons law into your files.
Try to get a (decent) job with that . . .
I protested this stupid law for a while, but that’s getting to risky now for my taste.
I rather search for a non locking knife and troll my representatives with angry letters . . .

So if anyone stumbles on a nice budget non-locking knife, please try to remember me. :slight_smile:

Oh, I overlooked that, thx!

the m1 is absolutely brilliant, I got mine frim fasttech, it is a slip joint, just its a brilliant design that positively locates with two ball bearing looking nubs into two detents and uses the liner tension, I love mine to bits, its usefully sized and is not imo too intimidating despite the g10 scales. Give it a go.