What is your favorite large and small Chinese budget knife?

That sounds great, thank you! :slight_smile:

I have only one… sanrenmu 614 folding knife.

Buy you a LB-763 or a GB-763 and you will love them

@ Horst
I have a vinegar blackened razor sharp Opinel carbon for EDC at the moment, which is a two-handed lockable.
Slicing stuff with it actually makes me smile a lot. :smiley:

There are two versions of the Ganzo G704. Earlier version has a smaller thumbstud and thinner blade stock. There may be comparisons of both online somewhere. Exduct for a while gave the option when the new batch came.

Are thumbstuds acceptable for one-handed opening? If so there is Sanrenmu H02 which is a slipjoint, blade is also under 3” I think. For conversion a backlock is better candidate because the lock bar becomes a spring.

Oh, the M1 has no backspring as seen in the typical slipjoint design. A ball detent retains the blade in open and close position.

I do love my Opinel No.7 Carbone. They are a lovely design and make wonderful slicers. :bigsmile:

the h02 is a lovely little knife, I have it on my key ring along with my mini 02, with the blue pearl effect scales its a classy looking rig

Wow, i think was a good idea that i refloated the thread!

Well, the m1 has a beautiful design but i do not like the knives without lock.
The ganzo g702 that had have different heat treatment… It does not say much about quality control of ganzo and i was thinking to buy the g712…
About 440/440c of ganzo g704: mine is 440 but the only difference is the number in the batch, the steel is the same. Exduct explained that.
My g710 is 440c but it is only a number not the true steel.

Fasttech has good prices but must get more knives from navy,enlan,srm,ganzo and inron. They do not change some time ago theirs models. And others are out of stock even.

Out of the two versions (3.5 mm or 4 mm thick blade) for the new version of 4 mm in one batch they wrote 440 and not 440c who knows why, then they wrote again 440c but the steel was the same.

Don’t know what OHO means, but thumbstuds are fine.(if the blade doesn’t lock). Length is also no problem, only fixed blades are limited to 12cm. (The laws are only political motivated, so they don’t need to make any sense. ;-))
I’ll take a look at the H02, thanks!

The Opinels are really nice! I get a lot of compliments for my No.6, even from people (including girls ) who don’t care about knifes at all.
They just look so nice. :slight_smile:
Their blade is delicate though, Horst is right on that. But that’s a part of the slicing awesomeness! :smiley:

Oh, OHO = one-handed opening. Sorry, I generally don’t like such abbreviations! >.<

I liked the Opinel when I first saw it, reminded me of art brushes somehow. It’s a timeless design, though I prefer with the Virobloc than without.

Oh, thanks!
I may have guessed that at an earlier time of the day. :smiley:

Sanrenmu H03 on keychain and shortened Sanrenmu M1 in pocket

If it wasnt for UK regs i would also use more SRM gb-763 and SRM 785 with modded scales… SRM 605 and 604 are also great little knives!

I've been checking out the GB-763 but they seem harder to find and therefore more expensive. It doesn't appeal to me much, but everyone raves about it so much I have to try it.

Oh, I'm also awaiting delivery of my newest purchase, a Leen 1203-1.


That looks nice… I have the LB-763 because the Gb was sold out everywhere.

They have the gb-763 here but $5 shipping. I guess it’s worth it if you buy several items :wink:

I like this knife mainly because its super light (the LB is definitely heavier), axis lock, nice blade, good feeling in hand, small!

Is that place reputable? Price isn't bad even with shipping.


I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed with that Leen. That’s a well designed folder with excellent fit and finish.

The earlier versions of the G704 (3.5 mm thick blade) also came with slight vertical blade-play which they managed to eliminate in the new batch (4 mm thick blade).

I hate threads like this one, they re-kindle the urge to buy knives. :slight_smile:
I’ve just ordered two SanRenMu’s a tanto chisel bladed green G-10 GV-604 for a whole $5.13, £3.35 and its drop pointed stable-mate the red G-10 GV-605 for the same price, both from FastTech.

I’ve got to admit to a dislike of chisel ground knives, I only noticed the GV-604 has one after I sent the order, maybe this one will change my mind, its worth a pop for the money.