what kind of flashlight or multimeter our memebers like ?researching....

Say hi to all my dear friendsCool,these days I also received many members pmed me to ask group buy activity, and I want to make a research,what kind of flashlight members here like and also we have some new items about Uni-T Multimeter,here is a link: http://www.dinodirect.com/~p.aae/shopping-Uni-T-Multimeter-f-digital-multimeter.html

If our members like some of these items,such as fluke and craftsmanor ,can find from this link :
http://www.dinodirect.com/~p.aae/digital-multimeter.html, can let me know , I will give good discount and special coupon, also can use these below coupons for cheap items:
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Wow! Prices have increased a lot! :tired:

I like this, I mean it's probably crap but it has an awesome name


I spent a few days researching meters, and was QUICKLY in way over my head. Some VERY technical reviews out there, that were beyond my comprehension. So when it came time to upgrade my Craftsman (which has been "drifting" off lately) I went with a Fluke 179. There are probably better meters out there for the $$, but I don't have the technical understanding to know what those are. I just wanted something I can probe in, get my data and not worry about accuracy and the likes.

I have had the craftsman meter for over a decade, and it was relatively $$$ at that time in the $100 ballpark IIRC.

Why bother with all those codes when they are all just 10% off? Just make a 10% off code and make it easy for everyone involved.

I have ordered this one http://www.dealextreme.com/p/ut61e-2-6-lcd-digital-multimeter-red-black-1-x-9v-6f22-battery-113306 .

It should be on its way, if the Belgian post does not make it disappear (they have lost an order, and they do not reply to my answers), it will get here in one or two weeks...

Great choice. You can never go wrong with a Fluke multi-meter!!! I have the 189 True RMS and it is as near indestructible as they come!!!


I blew the fuse in my Fluke 179 can you say chaching.

Is it just me or does "GongRong" sounds almost like "gone wrong" ?

Thats exactly how I read it, 'oh no it Gong Rong again' lol

Hi dear friend,if you like some items,you can let me know,i can try my best to support you a discount or special coupon,everything I can do for you ,please let me know.Smile

DISCOUNT5OFF,5% off on orders over $20, valid through Aug 31

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