What kind of new flashlight are you expecting in 2016?

I saw a post discussing the favorable flashlight in 2015. Then what are you expecting from new flashlights in 2016? Latest LED? More functions? App control? or something else?

Shot Show 2016 had some interesting lights:

- some where controlled by apps (via bluetooth ie) and you could also enable multiple lights or just selected ones

- next generation weapon mounted lights; very small lights that don’t add too much weight (forgot the brand)

- I found the modular lights pretty interesting (foursevens?)

  • auto/sensing lights that measure light reflection on targets or surfaces and auto-adjust

These lights are closer to the top end of the budget and won’t be too common for the average light enthusiast (some of the small/pocket lights were 300+ :money_mouth_face:. But it shows how interesting light technology will be going forward.

If you look at the complex driver development threads on here many of these features can and will be adopted in the long run.

BMW and Audi are talking about using laser headlights in their cars, imagine that technology in the palm of your hand. You could make it programmable to decide what the beam looked like flood / throw / hotspot etc. Maybe with a rangefinder to adjust the brightness, so close things get a little bit of light, far away things get lots. Crazy enough?

Yeah I see two big stories shaping up for the year:

1. Bluetooth programmability, as already mentioned above. A few folks are already doing it and I bet we see it more as the year goes on.

2. Boost drivers everywhere! Cree’s XHP line seems to be expanding its market share very very quickly at the start of this year.

4AA lights with replaceable drivers

Dedomed versions of all the Cree XHP lines (50 and 70’s) with less die separation

2.5km throwers!!

I think Thorfire is asking what we’d like to see from them. So led/driver design is out of their hands, that’s the domain of Cree.

I’d like to see a two cell (one if possible but I doubt it) design with the XHP-35 and XHP-35 HI.

I would settle for no visible PWM anymore, if that was all 2016 would bring, I would be happy… Really, with today’s drivers why is there any visible PWM anymore?

Neutral white and even Warm white emitters as a choice in some lights.

I would really like an 18350-16340 sized headlamp, with a triple Noctigon emitter and the ability to swap optics optics out if you wanted. The option for a 18650 tube as an accessory would be nice as well. 500-600 lumen on turbo, a ramping or programmable memory to set levels you want to use, and warm white option….

A fantastic clip or other mounting option over a headband is my last hope, though a good headband is hard to beat…

300 lumens from a single AA with 1 hours runtime or more.

I just want control over my modes.

Every flashlight I purchase, I usually have to modify the driver, as the standard modes are not what I want.

I would be ecstatic about Bluetooth/WIFI configurable modes… Even connecting via USB to set modes…

But I would still be happy with drivers similar to “GuppyDrv”, where you have a predefined “list” of modes, and you can change the groups as you want WITHOUT soldering stars etc, by a predefined set of “quick presses” of the buttons etc…

Basically, easy mode changing, for different situations…

Also, USB charging ability is a nice new feature in a lot of flashlights… But only useful for “lithium” based flashlights…

AA and AAA flashlights dont require a USB charging port. :slight_smile:

I would be happy with more multiple AA lights 2/3/4 *AA lights are always great gifts.

Basically this with budget price :smiley:

You already have that in the Zebralight SC5/SC5w, on the H2a mode running with a AA Eneloop Pro (or similar NiMH cell).
500+ lumens if you only need 30 minutes. A regular Eneloop will give you about 75% of that runtime.

Added displays like jetbeam and Uniquefire 1401
User can see current setting, lumen, battery status and estimated time left on the cell in the chosen setting.
Since that is electronic and Chinese make all electronics cheap I expect to see a lot more of flashlights with this, even in the budget segment.
TheUniquefire costs around $55 and that display is not very elaborate in what it shows, but it proves the added displays are allready used in budgetlights

If the topic is about what kind of flashlights I want to see from Thorfire, here’s my wishlist:

1. No more PWM.
2. Neutral white, warm white, high CRI options.
3. Maybe some 18350 lights?

If the topic is about flashlights design in general for 2016:

1. Is it possible to make a penlight that’s light enough, thin enough, or ergonomically shaped well enough to slide onto your ear and stick there, like a real pen?
2. The 3xAA flashlight selection is almost non-existent today. The only ones I’ve found are the EagleTac GX25A3 (too expensive for me) and the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible 3xAA. I’m assuming there’s not much demand for 3xAA. But as a wishlist item, I’d like more options for 3xAA flashlights.
3. I’ve seen some flashlights have as many as 7 emitters, like the Skyray King 7. Is it possible to configure some of the emitters to be flooders, and some of the emitters to be throwers? If I want a flashlight that’s pure throw, I turn on only the throw emitters. If I want an evenly lit wide floodlight, I turn on the flood emitters. If I want a combo, I turn on all emitters.
4. Also for multiple emitter lights, is it possible to put a cool white, neutral white, and warm white emitter in the same light? The user can select the single or mix of tints they want. Are there any use cases for having a selectable tint flashlight?
5. Also for multiple emiiter lights, most emitters are aimed straight forward. Is it possible to have some emitters aimed forward, some emitters aimed 45 degress to the left, and others aimed 45 degrees to the right? The user can select if they want just a forward shining mode or 3 direction wide shining mode.
6. Some flashlights let you pick a mode cycle. Is it possible to let you pick a regulation pattern? For example, pick either constant brightness until the battery dies, or pick slow step down to extend battery life? Are there any use cases where regulation selection is useful?
7. I know that focusing lights are found either in cheap branded lights, or Coast flashlights. I have focusing lights, and I have neutral white lights. One thing I haven’t found yet is a focusing NEUTRAL white flashlight.
8. In general, for 2016, I hope that neutral white and high CRI flashlights become more popular, especially in the lower budget end.

I love the Thorfire TG06…

As mentioned in previous posts, a 3xAA version would be nice…

As small as possible… with programmable modes! :stuck_out_tongue:

No PWM is a must!

Simple UI with moonlight (2-5 lumens), no disco modes (or well hidden).

I think that Thorfire PF03 was really good - it’s difficult to find AAA clicky light.

I also like idea of 300 lumens from 1xAA. No need for 14500 support if there’s such output. I have Manker T01 and it’s great light, tried on 14500, but with regular eneloop is bright enough. In the right price - could be a winner. This would need about 4-5 well spaced modes (including moon).

yeah, this is a neglected form factor, any company that makes a good 4AA host/light at a good price will sell extremely well.

More 4AA lights would be really good to see they have the power and you can trust them to lend to friends and family and not worry about them.