What LED tint do you prefer?

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Probably the colour of vanilla ice-cream. At a guess, that is on the neutral-cool white scale. Voted cool white. Somewhere in a box bounded by 2T (Top left) to 3C/3D (Bottom Right)

Hi BLF members!

I've talked to Jim from Manafont about XM-L drop-ins. They don't know what tint their leds have, but in the future they might look after particular ones if we'll direct them. He promissed their management will hear about our opinions. Those findings could be used also to direct other sellers as well. By me tint is very important, expecialy if you do some caves photografing or similar.

I've used ANSI codes of led tint which is used also by Cree. You can see them at: http://img199.imageshack.us/f/ansiwhite.jpg/

In addition to that I've put Cool White codes used by some sellers: http://img30.imageshack.us/f/creexlampcwfull.jpg/

I know it depends on usage, but anyway I've seen some trends toward neutral or even warm white ones.

Please fill the poll, feel free to comment, expose your favorite tint code and your experience !

Have fun,


4000-6000K, because lower is too yellow and higher is too blue. 5000K is just about perfect. I prefer 3X and 4X tints but 2X and 5X are also nice. 6X starts getting too yellow and 7X and 8X are way too yellow/orange. 0X is a no go, 1X are still white but are not really nice to use outside, makes everything look gray.

If manafont can get specific tints, then I put down a vote for 3C and 4B. They are nice white tints.

I'll count each tint code someone would suggest. Then I'll compare those to poll. We'll see how it goes ......

Don, which cool white did you vote? Better yet, say it in ANSI codes.

Just edited it in.

I agree almost totally with SPAMBOT. The only thing I could comment is the vote for bin 3C. I think that this would be too much greenish and would rather vote for 3D. 4B is OK as 4A extends into the weak purple which I don't like.

Don, by Cree cool white is down to 5000K, so 3B, 3A are at Cree WH, WJ boundary.

It will be difficult to count so I'm asking you guys to enumerate all prefered ones.

Now to resume what we got here:

Don: 2T, 2C, 3B, 3C, 3D (correct me if I'm, wrong)


Sixty545: 3A, 3D, 4B

I'll leave out names later on. Just now it helps me clearify things.

ledoman, I want to include 3A in my votes. Also a nice choice for photography.

Done. I've included it in edited post above. Waiting for more posters.......

A poll still waiting you to vote. It's in a favor for most of us so do it here http://budgetlightforum.cz.cc/node/1146

My preference would be cold toward neutral white maybe just a tiny bit on the cold side. All my R5 dropins have about the same color temp. I like!


Cool White (around 6000K - exampl. 1D - 2C / WD, WH)

I like neutral with just a little yellowish to it. I have a 5B1 I really like. Could even go a little more than that, say 5C. Just has a little more incan-looking warmth to it and renders colors well. I don't need to go all orange though. Cutter has the XP-G in a 5C1 with R4 tint, which means you're not losing much in brightness and are getting a really nice tint in return. Their best warm white is a Q5.

Well I prefer my tints aged 18 years, with a hint of oak and earthy undertones, and a peachy-dried apricot nose...and must leave the pallette refreshed waiting for more...

Honestly, I don't see what all the fuss is about with tints. As long as it's not bright green, blue, or pink...I could really care less. The only time I've noticed a difference is when I have another light to compare it too. For example...I have a zebralight that is supposedly of a "warm" persuasion, and compared to my C3 sure...it's "warmer"...But when I'm just using it outside to avoid Bassat Hound land mines at night guess what - To me it just looks white. Which is pretty convenient considering my quarry is small and brown

I find that warmer tints dramatically improve my depth perception. With the bluer end of the spectrum, I find the world (or at least the bit of it illuminated by the LED) looking like a set of cardboard cutouts - the sort of effect you got with those twin lensed stereo viewers and a card with two pictures on them. One of these things.

Technology at its finest. Wink

I believe you were referring to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/View-Master a classic

I've modded three light with KD 4B XP-Gs. And while they were the same tint when I tested them before the mods, they produce different tints in each of the different lights. One is in a P60 and is driven to 1.2A and it produces a very nice vanilla white tint. The second one is in a Quark 123^2 and while it produces a nice vanilla tint on "turbo" it produces a slightly greenish white on medium and low : / It appers that my three 4B tinted LEDs needs to be driven harder in order to reach a good "white" tint. I also have some XP-E 4Ds, and while they are nice and white at a lower drive current they tend to become purplish when driven at full steam.

I think that I would like all or most of 3ABCD and 4ABCD.

Speculation ahead, read at your own peril.

Since tint measurements are done at, what, 350mA?, we can expect a tint shift when driving the LEDs at higher current levels.

3-4AD would be good for lower current levels since they are pretty much nice white at 350mA

3-4BC would be good for higher drive currents since they are more green at 350mA and the tint shift at higher currents will shift their tints towards a cleaner white tint.

/speculation based on experience of three 4D tinted LEDs and three 4B tinted ones.

Recap: my 4D tinted XP-Es shifts away from a nice white towards a purple tinged white when driven at 1A and my 4B tinted XP-Gs shifts from a slightly green tint towards a nice vanilla white when driven at 1A+