What Light Or Lights Are You Wanting Next

Ok guys I know your just like me already thinking about what flashlight your wanting next. So how about it? Tell us what light or lights your wanting to get hopefully next.

I'm still debating on what I am going to get next. But I need to ease up a bit since I bought the TK70. I got to stay in control if you know what I mean.

There are a lot I want.. but would I need them? I'd have to buy more cells.. so I'm thinking of giving one away to buy another one. Tho I dont really know which.. UF T50 is tempting and actually the only single 18650 light I'd buy. Dont know if I want to go the multi-cell way. I'd buy some panasonics or lifepo4 cells for that.. but should be something like a 7XML light or so. :D

TR-J12 or TR-J18, need to see what the TR-J18 does when someone finally gets it.

Probably a tk70 and then some type of thrower. By thrower I mean HID. :)

TR-J12 or J18. It would have been a STL-V2, but I have moved to a more wooded area with less opportunity for long-range throwing, and feel that the Flood-Monster would be more appropriate. I have about $50 in Manafont points so I should be able to get one affordably... Money Mouth

trying to save up for a tn30..almost there..



P-1- SolarForce

Yellow, 3 - mode, 820 lumens, XM-L 3 - 8.4 volts

$42.00 shipped

:beer: :beer: :beer:

Trustfire a8, looks like a good headstrapped work light on low with potential to be ridiculous too. B-)
Maybe buying a pre modified light from another brit which would mean my x-550 (looks like a tr-1) can stay incan xenon, its pretty mean compared to my d cell mag lite (can’t remember if it’s 2 or 3 cells)
After that, don’t know, I fancy building something, so need to find a host that tickles my fancy and would fill a usable gap. I’m still at the point of justifying a light as usefull/usable, rather than just buying up one of everything intl outdoor, managing etc has in stock.
I’d quite like to revive my huge h1 halogen thrower too, just because its obscene needing a shoulder strap for a lamp, this was a its cheap, I’ve always wanted one, 1 billion gazillion candle power for 20 odd quid buys B-)

2 D Maglite in Forest Green, at an affordable price, to do a modded 1D with.

XinTD C8 NW from IOD...

@OL: There is this. I have ordered maglite parts from them and they were reliable. http://www.zbattery.com/Maglite-Flashlight-2D-DARK-GREEN-Finish

Can't wait to see that one.

Now that I have a TR-J12 incoming... the solarstorm 5-XML looks very tempting. I am waiting it out though to see how low the other retailers will discount it.


You know that's a tough question. The "want" list is long, very very long.

Pretty sure my next one's will be the Jacob A10 & A60.

OK maybe. I've ordered a TK35 clone in green for my youngest daughter. If they are good my son wants one in red. And my oldest daughter wants the silver. Then I'd have to buy a black one so I'd have one too. It's all so complicated...

I was just there the other night. How did I miss that? I’m gettin Senile. Could have included it with my order.

Thanks, now I know where to go.

EDIT: $25+ with shipping, same price as ebay. Too much for my taste. Thanks for the link though.

What light I would like next would be the TN31....... I just wish it was on order.

EDIT: After reading what was said about it tonight, going to pass on it.

I'd like the ZL H502W, so I'll have to wait a few months. I keep seeing lights I'd love, and then think "but I don't want it in cool white". Also interesting how so many first versions of even expensive lights are flawed. Seems like the forums, and reviewers are used for what should be pretty basic QA.

I'm "happy" right now with what I have, but if I had to buy another it would be the HD2010... but not sure

I'm waiting for someone to mod this into a flashlight -- ideally with a selector switch for two or three or four different emitters, and various levels.

Oh, and keeping the claimed 950,000-volt cattle prod feature would be, um, optional, not required for my interest.

We know those numbers are always really exaggerated anyhow.

It's the shape and convenience for holding a battery-operated device that makes me want to see this modded with good lights.

Right form factor, wrong function, as it is: