What Light was so good , one was not enough ?

Just crossed my mind !

What Light was so good , one was not enough ?

Literally , you buy a light and its so good you had to buy more , cos one was not enough !

ITP EOS A3 , ITP EOS A2 , Romisen RC-N3

I have purchased at least 5 or 6 of each .


Sipik 68 clone....bought one and w a i t e d to get it to try out.... loved it...immediately ordered 2 more for spares.

Also did the same with:

4 EO1's

2 ITP A3's

b&d flex 360, adjustable angle light, stanley spotlight (although one is first version, next is waterproof)

every other light is solo except C3s, and it isn't because they're THAT good...but it was my first LED over 5mm

edit: ok, at the time, they seemed that good

Romisen RC-G2; good because

  • It's very impressive to non-flashlightaholics
  • It's very good for gifting since it's AA only
  • It's very well built and durable

I seem to buy multiples a lot. Not always because they are so good. Mostly to gift but sometimes I keep them

dqg tiny 1 and 2

dgq aa



fenix e21

kd c8

c3 ss

nitecore from int outdoor

blf light

sipik 68

tank 007

There are others.

Come to think of it there are a lot more.

Liteflux 3 ,surefire 6pled lol

DQG II NW, Zebralight SC60w, Solarforce L2P (although now I'd rather have more 2011 L2), Ultrafire MCU-C88.

Exactly what he said, swapping the Zebras for CNQG Longruns.

I lost count at 8, from different vendors in (slightly) different configurations. The first was the ShiningBeam modified unit, and most were purchased as gifts. Everyone who got one loves it.

I'd consider another RC-N3 if I found another like the modified unit I bought from ShiningBeam. (A lot like the current 'RV-235).

Fenix E01...

and the E21.

501a You need more than 1 pocket rockets.

Fenix E20, UF-H2

eh, hello, Foy? Even I have multiple Solarforce L2 lights, but Foy...

The only multiples I have are two Zebralight headlamps and two Ultrafire BJO8A (single AA flashlight).

I have:

L2 - 5

L2P - 7 (one volunteered for MPP 1 duty)

L2i - 4

L2m - 2

Not sure how it happened but, yeah; if I really like a light, I often buy another. Also, the high L2/L2P count changes all the time because I sell 3 or 4 of those a month and I've sold 2 980Ls to my boss.


-Nitecore D-10

-Nitecore ex-10

-Nitecore Ez-AA

-Nitecore defender infinity

-edi-t p-4

-Tank 566

-tank 703

-Tank 737

-F23 ss

-Fenix E21


-Saik sa-207..5$

-502br2batterynchargercombo $4.69

-uf2100 15$

2uf-h2 16$

-502b xml under 8$

-504b xml under 10$

..................The last 6 are all price driven .....deals so good no sane person passes them up........Or should I say .......no insane person passes them up :P

502b bat&chgr DD special @ $5.35 gifts (thanks ChibiM), FF/SR SLT-V6/V2 xml outside/truck throwers, 501b weapon mount lights

sipik sk68, just bought a 3-mode one because my original 1-mode lacks low for extended runtime.