What lights do you keep in your car?

What lights do you keep in your car, and why?

I have a Led Lenser p5 in the glovebox, and an old 4d maglite (mainly to discourage road rage).

The Led Lenser is there because it has pretty amazing throw for a single AA, and since finding this forum I have moved onto better and brighter lights :)

Just a SkyRay S-A1. I love the light but can't carry every light I have so I chose this one to be my emergency light in the car. I used to have a UF WF502B with a 4.2-8.4 R2 drop-in and 2xCR123 batteries for low self discharge and long throw in case I'd need some signaling. I sold it and thought, this time I should have something I could hold in my mouth in case I need to change tyres, or open the engine door, etc in the dark.

I pay attention not to keep alkalines in the light, but in a seperate ziplock, though. Gloveboxes can get hot easily.

I just looked if I should get a 4xAA series SmallSun ZY-A21 for the same purpose as a Maglite 4D :)

I have an MTE M3-2 MC-E 8 mode (18650) flashlight in my car. It was useless as bike-light because it went through all the 8 modes on every bump in the road. If i don't shake it, it does not change modes by itself, so sometimes it could be usefull in the car. It takes forever to get throug all the 8 modes, it even has a "police strobe" mode...

Nice to have a police strobe mode in the car. Or a really annoying strobe to dazzle people :)

I usually change my car-flashlight quite often but now i have an akoray k106 with 14500 battery. Make enough light for almost all needs, it is easy to carry and can also tailstand if needed.

I just ordered a Maglite XL50 for my car. I loved the throwy beam XL100 gives once again and wanted a simpler one for the hard days.

By the way, I remembered these XL series had standby drains, and a XL50 would be too big for my mouth :) So my new combo shall be something like, 4 AAA Eneloops in their carry case, Maglite XL50 without batteries, ITP EOS A3 Upgraded or Fenix E05 as the little helper.

You're gonna laugh, I have a Nebo redline in my car.

3AAA flood-to-throw, 5-mode, aspheric lens.

But the real reason I keep it in my car is that the tailcap is magnetized, so it will hold in place even at a 90 degree angle to a fender if I need a worklight.

I have the Ultrafire UF-H2B in my car for the same reason. The magnetic tailcap and the pure flood shining sideways makes it a very versatile work light under the hood and when changing tire.

I don't have a car, but my driver....okay, my housemate has one of my L2P's in her glovebox.

just changed mine a bit...took out the led lenser, and added a solarforce L2R with 3 mode r5 dropin.

Keep it filled with 2 energizer lithium primaries for low self discharge.

A six D cell Mag light under the seat and a Ultrafire 501A with a Solarforce R5 low voltage drop in CR123 in the glove box.

nice setup. I have been thinking about getting an old incan 6d off ebay, just for the clubbing abilities.

Lol, I don't keep one in the car (not really my car, family car) but mostly because I prefer to EDC torches, as opposed to keeping them in places. That way I can keep playing with them when I'm not in the car.

I keep a 1 AAA twisty in the car's side pocket. I may start to keep my EOS headlamp there as well.

Looking at the beam of that Small Sun, Kokopelli,it looks the ideal light for hunting donuts.

I have a small 1xAAA light that I glued magnets to, which lives stuck to the cruise control stalk, a 1xAA light in the center console, several free harbor freight 9-led 3xAAA lights in back (for giving to people who probably won't return them), a new-in-package 1W headlamp in case I ever decide I need one, and a 12V light with a cigar lighter cord and a magnet. I'll probably start keeping an 18650 flood-to-throw in the center console too.


I have one 1$ eBay AA light and now that 8$ LED zoom-light (looks a bit like Lenser).

Other car, just 1$eBay light.

Should get a good, cheap, multi-mode AA...