What material do you expect for AA/14500 flashlight

Al (with anodized threads if it has an e-switch)

Agreed, the first batch will be aluminum and will take titanium into consideration in next batches if necessary.

It should be a tail clicky switch.

Don’t know how to upload photos to the forum. :person_facepalming:

I voted Aluminum, although if I were a bit richer, I’d rather have solid Copper.

Hum, if I can give you a suggestion, create an account on imgur.com, and from there you can upload your pictures! Or you can use another image host service. I use imgur and so far I’ve been ok with it!
1 - go to “images” on your account menu

2 - select the “size” you want to give to your photos when uploading them to your account (bigger means heavier, heavier means more difficulty to open the threads). 800x600 is a nice setting to upload photos here :wink:

3 - select the photos you want to upload from your computer/cellphone folders

4 - after uploading the photos, select the “direct link”

5 - on the BLF message toolbar, on the icon for images, use the direct link, and then you can resize the images to occupy more or less space in the page :wink:

Click on the photos to see them on full screen! I’ve resized them to 45% :wink:

I hope this helps and…I hope to “see the light” you’ve been talking us about :smiley: On topic again :arrow_right:

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Can you see the images now?

Oh yeahh!!! I sure can see them :open_mouth:

Nice ! This light must have a “decent” UI and also a “decent” price so I can grab one for me :smiley:
I like the the way how the leds are!
One of them (left) is more Warm White and the other Neutral / Cool White? The pictures seem to show that…

More details will be appreciated when available, please :wink:

:smiley: Finally I learned how to upload images now, thanks.
It has 2 versions - neutral white and cool white.
More details will be updated in this thread. :wink:

Titanium !

I like the satin finish of the one on the right. But the skull doesn’t do anything for me.

I prefer the finish of right pic…but I do not like the skull….
I see “MecArmy” on the left clip…. the price will be aceptable? :wink:

I too prefer the look of the right one, but I’m with Trevi_lux, the skull is not a think I’d like on the flashlight! The “stonewashed” look, yes, not the skull! Even if it had LEDs in the eyes, I would say that it makes the flashlight a bit “bulky”!

But I’m liking this idea…just don’t know if I’ll like the price when it comes out :person_facepalming: :money_mouth_face:

Well, we are still on the BLF - and titanium is not Budget-friendly :wink:
I think that Aluminium gives us all we need.
It’s cheap, well machinable, transports the heat good enough and it can be colored in a ton of colours.

Ehehe, you’re right :smiley:
But without knowing anything about it, myself, could an Aluminium light get a “stonewashed” look an Titanium?
Meaning, could the light shown on the left have the look of the one in the right (that also looks like stainless steel)?
Sorry if this “off topic”, but you made think about that :nerd_face:

The clip will be MecArmy one which will not come with skull. :smiley:

I will keep Y’all updated once its price comes out. :wink:

Why has nobody produced carbon fiber flashlights yet? those would be really cool!

Aluminum, but make it at least 6061 - T6 grade.

Somebody has. :wink: