What non-white flashlights do you have?

So, all of us have a white flashlight here, be it cool white, warm white, low CRI, high CRI.
But do you have any non-white flashlights? And if so, what are your uses from them and your opinions on non-white flashlights in general?

I myself have a shorty gray convoy S2+ with a XP-E amber and a nice 30 degrees TIR for night stand duty. With biscotti it’s about the best light for not disturbing your night vision while still seeing some kind of colors (and I like amber better than red).

Also have a single mode SK68 which came with a crappy fake XM-L but now has a 385nm UV led for charging my GITD stuff

Let’s make this a fun thread: Discussion encouraged!

P60 drop-ins I own:

UV: illuminating scorpions in the desert, security strips in currency, checking hotel rooms for unknown stains, etc.

IR: experimenting with night/low light mode on camera, night vision devices

Red, green: preserve night vision while out at night, (hunting feral hogs at night is legal here)

Blue: Because it was available :slight_smile:

FYI, my grandkids have learned that if we shine the red, green, and blue onto the white ceiling in the house the colors blend in interesting ways. Overlapping the three beams yields white light in the center and all the shades of the rainbow around the edges. Science lesson.

Lets see, I got

DQG Hobi Plus 365nm UV - kept on personal keychain for checkin stuff.
Thrunite ti 365nm UV - kept for charging glow stuff.
Olight S10 400nm UV - used for uv glues.
DQG Fairy XP-E red - hardly used but attached to a cold steel micro recon kept in kitchen for opening food packs.
Nitecore TIP with red tail LED - on fridge.
Nitecore tube with red XR-C - keep it stuck to the fridge, used for smoking by the kitchen window at night.

I have an old keychain light. This was a small plastic light that ran on a few hearing-aid batteries. It has a titanium sleeve around the body. Emitter is a red 10mm LED. Had this one since before white LEDs came out.

Well, I had one, but I gave it to my young cousin who’d make better use of it.

Because anyone who’s ever had a Fenix E01 knows that its beam is not white by any stretch of the imagination :smiley:

Ledlenser P7QC (XM-L RGBW)
Color Shine Flashlight (RGB colour mixing).

A Convoy S2+ Nichia 356nm UV flashlight

Relatively few, really. I’ve got a few UV lights, like the BLF/Rominson Special dual-UV and the Convoy S2+

As far as colored emitters go, I built a matching set of colored Convoys, blue in the blue host, etc. Looks like this:

I also have a “hunter edition” HDS Rotary in Zombie Green cerakote.

As far as what I use them for? Honestly? Nothing really, unless taking pictures of them to post online counts. :smiley:

Coolest flashlight pics I have ever seen so far, emarkd !!

I second that! :nerd_face:

outstanding, yes, that definitely counts :slight_smile:

I use UV for inspecting currency (entertainment, never seen a counterfeit yet)

I use 2700-3000k at <1 lumen for nightstand (I consider it Amber)

I use a green filter on a Cool White LED, when working with photosensitive Tomatoes, so they don’t get spooked and run away, same as deer… LOL…

I have an Angry Blue Fenix E01 to demonstrate differences in Color Temperature photos I post here (I consider it Blue anyway)

I have red LEDs on a Manker Lad, they are useful also for dark of night toilet runs

Here is a Hunter Green HDS, not mine, I like the idea that it won’t spook Bambi

I’ve got an oddball C8 sized host that I was able to wedge a ~40mm optic in at the proper depth to make a fixed-focus green xp-e2 thrower for spotlighting game at night.

Also have a couple of UV lights, one with a 365nm emitter and uv-pass filter. The second is a funky reflector-triple with some cheap 390nm emitters.

Also have a couple of old color XR-E P60 dropins that haven’t been used in a long time.

I want to get a 3535 cyan emitter and build a light just for kicks, and maybe try for blood tracking.

Then… BAM! :smiley:

Mostly just UV, 365nm.

BLF Romisen UV

Have many WW, Neutral ones….

I have the UV Convoy S2+ for finding scorpions and anything else UV related, plus an old Maglite 3 AA with the red Maglite lens in it because the local nature preserve occasionally does night walks and they require a red light flashlight.

Nitecore MTIU 365nm, used for finding pet stains and unusual stuff. You never know when you happen upon a disco dance party.

I want to protest/question. Is this a raciest post?

A lot of my friends are black flashlights.

Only one non-white: modified toy led (blue) to red , night map reading aid.