What optic do you use in your Emisar D4/D4v2?

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I just purchased a new Emisar D4v2 in brass, and I absolutely love it. However, I made the mistake of buying a 10621 and 10623 from MTN at the same time, and I’m having major optics indecision. I love the frosted lens for getting rid of the pinwheel corona and evening out the beam, but I’m not used to such a floody beam pattern. I’m torn between the smoothness of the 10623 and the throw of the 10621. I trust you guys…what do you prefer?

I like the stock optic. I ordered the 10623, but never even bothered to install it.

The pinwheel is the reason why my d4v2’s collect dust. Why are they made like this?

This is my first quad, but my understanding is that most triples and quads have some sort of artifact in the beam just by their nature. The 10623 definitely eliminates it entirely at least on the D4v2.

I captured it best in a video from my phone. It’s a little worse in person. The brightest arms are noticeably bright spots around the edge of the beam. This makes it unevenly lit enough to be distracting when you’re moving. Maybe I’m obsessing about it; its just ugly. I don’t want to flood out an sst20 because I might as well just use a better emitter at that point.

I have KD p6 triple drop in with releaux triangle beam, and a quad that’s pretty bad.