What size sinkpads do u guys want 1.5mm or 2mm

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I have many Pm’s about 16mm sinkpads and how thick they will be and when will they become Available for sale

This is my last asking thread, I need to no for sure what u guys need/want since I’m investing a lot of $$$$$$

I got Pm’s asking for 1.6mm so it will work in a standard light and 2mm thick for more heat transfer

Feel free to post anything and please vote will be open for few days thanks forum

1st contact is slug, maximize contact between slug and rest of star. Thicker star = more surface area between slug and star. Thinner means more room for driver though.

i voted 2mm but whatever you make i will buy it

1.6mm because that seems to be the standard size, my cyclone for example won’t take 2mm, in that the head will not screw down completely and it may no longer be waterproof.
For lights such as the Keygos M10 that have a continuous screw threading throughout the head any size will work because the pill can be moved up or down as little or as much as needed to fit extra thickness, but this type of head/pill is not predominant in most flashlights that i have seen.

can you make 2 sizes? for example 100x 2mm and 400x1,6mm or will be to much expensive?

i dont think they wont go for that, i barley got them to make 2 different kinds of boards XML & XPG

i would like to see what board will sell the most because i dont want to have tons of boards for my self lol

For me i do all custom lights so i can work around the size of the sinkpad, but if we go for 2mm thickness it will be lil more $$ than 1.5mm but then again im looking for better heat transfer away from the led

I had much trouble with the 2mm thick mcpcb's from Ill.Supply in several budget lights, the head does not screw in fully because it is blocked by the driver board or there is even less space for a battery that was already a squeeze (UF C3, an Aurora light, New 10b, but also the Maratac AA and Maratac AAA) so for me it is 1.6mm. But then, I am in for just a few boards (5)

I voted 1,6.
On certain lights the reflector sits on the star and the pill. (Due to isolation the star does not alway transfer much heat to the reflector). If it gets raised too much the pill will not transfer heat to the reflector in a good way. 1,6mm might be pushing it since some stock stars can be around 1,1mm. I dont mind pushing it a little. Most lights seem to have those tolerances. 2mm I believe would push it too tar for many lights.

I think 1,5 to 1,6 will be more flexible and lead to more sales. Also lower costs can help getting more sales. The combination of the two last points can lead to larger orders giving lower prices production price per sinkpad and again more sales.
1,5mm would be my 2. choice.

then i believe best option is 1.6 ,if someone wants to make it 1,5 will be very easy

idk why i added a 1.5mm option its really not that much of a difference from 1.6mm

PS:1.6mm is in the lead

I was initially thinking 2mm but 1.6mm is probably the way to go. It would be a lot more versatile and heatsinking would still be really good considering the direct bond.


I am still fairly new to this part of the game and so your experience with this may already exceed my own. Since you did ask I will contribute my two cents.

If I understand you correctly your wanting to get what is going to sell on the broadest spectrum correct?

The 2 key factors here are number one price, and number 2 ease of use. We already know these are great quality so thats no issue.

The 1.6mm boards are going to have the greatest "pop and swap" ability because its the closest to "industry standard" Since the DIY crowed with little professional equipment is your target, it seems logical to make things as easy on them as possible.

This should also shave a little off your bottom line since less material is needed correct? So this makes it a two fold plus.

I dont think that you will have any trouble riding yourself on these regardless of the way you divide the 1000 up. Since you will quite literally have the market cornered on these. There is no telling if the 16mm boards will mirror the sales of 20mm but based on that the demand is about 70% XML to a bout 30% XPG.

I hope this helps. I commend you on undertaking this task. Thanks for doing this nitro.

Yes I’m looking for the most demand, I don’t want to go with 2mm if more people wants 1.6mm

By the way things are going I think it will end up being. 1.6mm thick by 16mm wide

Design will be posted soon

The 20mm BDS are 1.68mm . I voted for 2.0mm for Max Cooling . On most of My Lights the Reflector sat to far above the Emitter. I had to take off .1~~.4mm from Reflector + Plastic washer to get the best Focus. If the BD was to thick I would remove .1~~.4mm off the Back of the BD. It is easy to take off Metal but hard to add on.