What technology is coming soon or worth waiting for?

Any new LED’s, drivers, or batteries in the pipeline that people think would be upgrades in the near future? (< 2 years)

I know for example the Sony VTC6A is coming soon which looks great.

As for LED’s or drivers, I know less though. (But it sounds like the current driver options for XHP or high voltage LEDs are lacking?)

Other than higher capacity lithium ion cells, there are two things I’d like to have, which could be coming soon:

A Nichia 144AM/Nichia 149AM 6V flashlight with a 21700 cell, or multiple 18650s.

A 20mm MCPCB that fits Nichia multi-die emitters.

Laser+phosphor diodes, if you care about throw more than anything.

VTC6A is just a minor upgrade, not worth waiting for. And actually it’s not even an upgrade over VTC6, it just makes different tradeoffs.

I’m still waiting for this: Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces New Technology for Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries - UT News
The guy is legit, hope the technology takes off.

Lights (throwers) with high-cri laser-phosphor modules using 405nm lasers.

Extreme high CRI leds. There is the Optisolis from Nichia, and the Sunlike from Seoul Semiconductors, both are midpower leds, but I expect high power versions at some point.

That was good news to so many technology sectors . Let’s hope it pans out.