What things that you experienced are you surprised people love ?

For me:

- Nightclubs


- Marmite

for me


Respect for testing snails :+1: Most people can’t.

Alcoholic drinks. No joke. Haven’t found a single one I liked yet.

Nightclubs for sure I don’t get what the appeal is.

Forgot an obvious one for me: smoking

I strongly disliked every alcohol drink i tested except beer , i love beer but very rarely have one as i could see this becoming a habit and don’t want any potentially harmful addiction in my life.

The trick is to add a lot of butter, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. And have a nice glass of red wine with it. :sunglasses:

The snails themselves are almost tasteless, the texture is very close to seafood, they are quite hard to come by nowadays because people generally stop eating them after earing that in order to get them prepared for eating you have to let them fast for a least 7 days and then put them several time in a mixture of salt and vinegar and rince them repeatedly to make them excrete their slime, it’s a pretty cruel procedure.


  1. coffee. like to smell it, not drink it.
  2. chocolate. even the real-deal expensive kind.
  3. scotch whisky. smells bad, tastes worse.
  4. motorcycle riding. don’t like my knees being fenders.
  5. movie theaters. especially don’t like the audiences.
  6. Disney World. once was enough.

it was more of a put it in my mouth and swollow fast and swig down a beer

my misses and my daughter love snails

War simulation video games
Fantasy stories/movies/theme parks
Superhero movies
Silence of the Lambs
Amusement parks


Many things come to mind, but I would put mac & cheese right at the top of the list. Just smelling it makes me want to gag.

Egg salad

Large crowds

and every other Low CRI LED that some people rave about

including the High CRI version

LEDs with green tint…

Runny eggs

Loud “music” (noise to me)

Casu Marzu. It’s an Italian thing. Say no more.

No wonder they lost the war… several times.

Yes, let me put some CM on some moldy bread and wash it down with raw sewage… :confounded:

Okay, mine…

Salted caramel anything. What a vile combination. Ruins 2 perfectly good things.

Most scotch/bourbon/rye/etc. Anything described as “woody” or “peaty”, I just don’t get. It’s like sucking on a toothpick that’s been stuck in dirt.

Clams (bland pencil-erasers), calamari (bland weatherstripping), oysters (snot on the halfshell). Love skrimps, though.

Never tried snails nor octopi. No desire to (the latter are actually quite intelligent).

Most pro sports. Just never saw the appeal. (Like watching porn vs actually having sex.)

Clowns (wtf??).

Circuses in general (3-ring cruelty-factories, punctuated with clowns).

“Sunning yourself” (beach, rooftops, poolside). Practicing to be a raisin?

Seconded on smoking. Another “wtf??” item.

SUVs made to look “off-road” (light-bars, cow-catchers and other piping in front/back, knobby oversized tires, etc.) when they’ve never ever been “off-road” except to turn into a supermarket parking-lot. Worse when it’s a minivan instead of SUV.

Little rat-cars with spoilers, stretched-tires, lowered-suspension, exhaust mods to make a 1.3L engine sound like a lawnmower running bad gas, stickers all over the windows showing what brands of crap they slapped onto it, etc. Yeah… no. Just no.

Pineapple pizza.

I'll just go through everyone else's lists to make my own...




Most alcohol, though I do like some beer


The taste of coffee. I like the smell of coffee, and I like the taste of cappuccino

Motorcycles, or as I call them "donorcycles"

Movie theaters

The taste of eggs

Large crowds


Loud music

Many vegetables, though I do like many other vegetables

Most sports, though I do like the NBA, some NFL, and boxing


Sunbathing, tanning, etc.

or, in other words...

I hate everything!