What to buy for prison/police?


A friend of mine are looking for new flashlights to buy to use outside at the nightshift and in prisonwings/police detention if dark. Today they are using Led Lenser P17, and they are way to low power.
They are not used regulary, but are stored for weeks/months between each use, and the D batteries makes them user friendly. But thats about it…

  • Size comparable to P17 (easy to locate), can be smaller but not as small as singel 18650. Bigger head are OK thou.
  • Flood/throw, a good mix needed. Good output, but don’t need the most extreme lux.
  • Easy to operate, self explaining.
  • With charger that can be plugged directly in the light for a looong time, eliminate user errors. (many are not used to handle 18650/21700/26650 and seperate chargers)
  • Robust no fail quality.
  • Budget friendly.

Any suggestions would be apreciated!


Just to clarify, these lack output, throw, both?

Edit: Here are a few lights to check out.

Thrunite TC20

Thrunite Catapult V6 Mini

Nitecore MH41

Fenix TK75 (2018 version)

Yes, they are no good at both really… Poor output and it seems to me that the lens steals a lot of light…

Have been looking at the Lumintop ODL20C, but maybe to much of a thrower, and preferably a little longer light so it would not be forgotten in somebodys sidepockets… :smiley:

Sunwayman F20C closeout at IC

While they last….
an interesting option
considering the target audience.

Thank you, I think maybe the Nitecore MH41 is a good option, not to powerful and easy operation.
I will send him the alternatives also, so he can see for himself.

Cheers :+1:

The light unfortunately comes with low capacity 2300mAh batteries but here are some LG MJ1 3500mAh if you’re looking to upgrade for a 55% runtime improvement.

Thanks! :+1: :laughing:

Out of all the lights listed so far IMO only the Thrunite Catapult V6 ticks every one of your boxes.

They have a 20% discount on their store bringing the price to truly budget levels (code is 20%). Also keep in mind it includes a really good battery, other options listed either don’t include cells at all or they’re lower performance [old] cells (so you’d need to include good cells in the budget too).

Cereal_killer, I haven’t heard of a code on Amazon before but I know from their website the code ‘20%’ works on the Catapult along with a few other models .

You know what you’re right. The last light I purchased was the sofirn “Q8” from the group buy and it was handled via Amazon discount code (first time I’d been in a GB ran that way) so that’s what I was thinking of. Sorry for the misinformation
Yep the 20 percent off code comes from their own site and is simply “20%”.

Klarus has some good model, worth taking a look

I would say Olight M2R Warrior!
Instant access to:
a) momentary Turbo 2 by half pressing the tail switch
b) momentary Strobe by full pressing the tail switch
c) Moonlight by long pressing the side switch
d) last used mode by clicking the side switch
e) Turbo 1 by double pressing the side switch (and from here, a double click takes you to turbo 2 = 1500 lumens)
f) Strobe by triple clicking the side switch.

Has proprietary charger (magnetic charger) that “connects” to the tail. The 18650 battery included has 3500mAh and built-in protection.

Only thing it may have as a con…it is not that budget! But this is a super nice light!

BTW, if longer runtimes are not a request, take a look at the new Klarus XT1A and XT1C from 2018 :wink: