What to do in Vegas besides casinos?

Hey guys, we're heading off to Vegas in about an hour for a quick overnighter delighter. My wife LOVES Vegas buffets :~, so that's why we go there often. Of course, we also hit the casinos but this will be the first time we go there with our baby. A 6month old to be exact. I do NOT want to do any gambling whatsoever. I will make sure we steer clear of any casino's except to buffet up. I booked us at an off strip resort w/o a casino as well.

Anyway, what's fun/interesting/time consuming off the strip? I've been to Redrock canyon and Hoover Dam. I'm planning on hittin up Pinball Hall of Fame since we love (well, maybe just myself) pinball games.

Hasta la vista.

I've used Vegas as a jump-off spot to go to Zion Nat'l Park. Best hiking I've found, but haven't done it with an infant. Scenic drive and some easy walks as well as heavy hiking, though. Have a good trip!

Lots of national parks within driving range. If you like combat sports Las Vegas is the fight Capitol. Have fun

My girlfriend and I were in Vegas this past June. We LOVED it. Just a ton of fun and we did no gambling. Just enjoyed visiting all of the amazing hotels and saw two shows. Cirque Du Soliel 'Zumanity' and The Lion King musical. Both fantastic. We want to go back mainly to see more of the shows! That is my recommendation although hiking at Zion sounds amazing!

Go into the casinos but with the intention of shopping or exploring, not gambling.

You can spend a night in Paris, a morning in Venice, Cesar's Palace shopping is incredible. All the different themes make for a nice change of pace from your usual malls and shopping centers.

Plus you have some awesome shows you can go to, rides (try the Stratosphere if you aren't afraid of heights), and for sure New York. Great roller coaster.

"What to do in Vegas besides casinos?"

Go to work, go to church, pay bills, make love, raise a family, buy a house, loose a house . . . it's a riot. Just gotta know how to partaay. <sigh>


Exactly :D

And maybe take Foy to lunch while you are there!

You know Foy, the proprietor of the "House of Foyzels: The Museum of Illumination"?

Dang, that's up there on my list what with seeing a cirque show (I think they have 6 now?), penn & teller, and exploring the service/storm tunnels with some sweet XML goodness

Hardly Zumanity, I assure you. The birthplace of Foybezels is enshrined with boxes, extension cords and a bench grinder, with a 28 foot ladder hanging overhead. Standing sentinel on each side are a Rock Chucker press and a Harbor Freight vise. Tour price is free but in keeping with the finest Las Vegas tradition; donations are welcome.

For evening dining, might I suggest Lawry's on Flamingo and Howard Hughes Parkway. If you go there, my credibility is certain to increase.


Don't miss the baked cactus ..or ..the babes in Foyland .

Hey guys, thanks for all the suggestions! The last time I was in Zion, I was 8 so we will definitely go there soon. But since we haven't "hiked" in a while, I think it will be difficult with a 20lb infant. ;) Once he can walk, then yes. lol

Troop, we plan hopping a couple casinos for their shops. Also, taking some pics at Bellagio's Botanical garden.

Foy, if you have time, let's play lightsabers with your 980L and my X9! ;) We're staying across the street from the Hard Rock.

Oh, one other suggestion.

DON'T stay at Hooters. I did that once when it was the only place anywhere near the Strip with a vacancy. What a mistake that was....

If you like good German food, Hofbrauhaus is kitty-cornered from the HR. Pretty cool place, actually. The last time I visited Zion was on our honeymoon in November, 1988. We camped in a tent trailer and hiked the narrows. Was hardly anybody there that time of year and that was before they stopped vehicles from entering.


I was thinking something similar to hooters but then your wife is going so it would be a bad idea.