What to do with an MTG2 on a 16mm MCPCB?

Sometime ago I purchased a stack of MTG2’s on a whim, and now I’m looking for something to do with the one on a 16mm Noctigon. Any idea which tube light host would be the best starting point for this?

Really rockin P60? :smiling_imp:

I have a Convoy S6 and a Solarforce Gladiator fitted with MT-G2.
The s6 can only be used on high for a minute or so but the much larger mass of the gladiator handles it fine for much longer so you need to decide on a pocket rocket or a more sensible larger host. Someone here put one in a Thrunite T10T! Love it. :smiling_imp:

convoy m1 with zener-fet driver and 2 x 18350s.

I’ve got one in a 2016 model Convoy L2 which is fun, and I’m looking at putting one in a C8 and a M1.

Just looking for the right host for the 16mm. What reflector did you use in the S6?

I modified the stock reflector.

Convoy super flooder like the post above me.
I have the same lights :slight_smile:
3 triples one super MTG2 fire starter

S6 host and a 4amp QLite ordered.