What to get for a non-flashaholic Christmas raffle?

Every year, my company has a series of Christmas raffles for prizes with the proceeds going to needy families in the area. So of course I want to offer a flashlight as part of a raffle. What would be the best light for $100 for a non-flashaholic, meaing no lithiums.

This is my short list so far:

Lumintop SD10
Nitecore EA4W
Jet-Beam BA20
Fenix TK41
Nitecore EA8 Caveman

I know it’s a little early in the year to talk about Christmas, but the raffles start end of October, and we all know how long shipping can take.

There are some nice lights out there (I like Fenix LD41 for example), but for non-flashaholics I would go for something without a battery carrier or adapter.
These things will get lost or break, and the people may throw away a very nice light then.

Christmas has to be near, all supermarkets are filled with christmas pastries already over here. :smiley:

Sunwayman D40, Eneloop’s and a charger, Oh what a gift. The D40 go’s on sale for around $50 sometimes. :slight_smile:

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The included batteries and charger idea is really key if you’re giving a light away.

I don’t know how I missed the D40A.

Good thinking on the eneloops and charger too. Will definitely need to toss those in.

Any other good lights I’m missing?

+1 on the D40A.

The D40A would be a great choice, but the BA20 runs well even on alkalines (which most people will end up using unless pushed) and you could include 2 for the price of a single D40A and charger + eneloops. I assume individual prizes go to different people so you’d introduce twice as many to a really good light.

Then why not just go with a BA10 in that case? It would probably be a better indoctrination into the world of EDC :slight_smile:

Well there are 4 of us at least in this office that have lithium powered lights so I want some thing that is near the same level, and the D40A seems like the best value so far.

I’ll second the BA10. That was the flashlight that really started my flashaholism. Plenty bright for the money and AAs are available everywhere. It’s my current EDC light and so far I love it.