What tool to remove pills?

I’m looking at the guts of my flashlights and I’m seeing the pill assemblies and tailcap assemblies screwed in. Looks like you’d need some kind of wrench with two pins to get them in and out…

Don’t recall seeing such beasts at the local hardware store…


Needle nose pliers for heavy duty

tweezers for light duty

stole the picture from Fasttech:

A needle nose pliers or tweezers will do the trick.

Gastric Lavage?

I use snap ring (circlip) pliers. They are stronger than tweezers and a smaller tip than needle nose pliers.

Hmm. Yeah. What is really needed is a 1/4” drive socket that has pins on an adjustable track like a Crescent wrench. Then you could get way down in there.


Yet another thing I need a lathe for.

My wife would kill me. Especially since the only place I could put one would be the living room.

i usually just use a scribbing pencil that i have. sometimes its a bit tricky, but always worked for me

Get a copper tube that fits, dremel the 2 posts you need to grab the pill on one side and drill a hole on the other end of the tube to insert a screwdriver to create torque to unscrew the pill

Chain nose (or round nose) pliers work well, and are available at most craft stores.

Go to Ebay and search for “lens spanner”

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i use ball point pens to do this, since i dont have the proper tools :bigsmile:

Almost forgot this one - a watch case opener may also work out.

What flashlight do you want to get the pill out?

Usually I’ll just use two pens or mechanical pencils.

Most don’t have the reach or the side clearance to get down into the head.

If we could find a proper tool it’d be a great group buy !

Umm....that's what she said ?

I use mine on tailcaps, no problem. The head is a different story, as noted.

I use snap ring pliers too. Usually works pretty well.

Ah! That is the ticket! Thanks!

I also do some work on Ludlum radiation detectors, and the “pills” they use in the battery compartments are also held in with these sort of retainers.