What type of UltraFire XM-L T6 is this? Fake?

I bought it from eBay for $7
I need to contact him before he ships it if it is fake.

It looks like this one?


I have one in gold/brown:


are there any disadvantages for not having that visor thing around the lens?

Do you mean the crenelated bezel, vs. a smooth bezel?

Yes that thing :slight_smile:

It won’t make much difference unless you’re planning on using it as a weapon/glass breaking tool, it’s more just for aesthetics.

When the light comes please throw the battery and charger away right away.

Very unsafe.

That’s a Sipik SK73 copy.
A cheap zoomie like the more famous SK98 copies.

Not all have a crenellated bezel.

+1. (Though, properly speaking, one should recycle batteries.) Lots of crappy/dangerous batteries around, especially on the ’bay. You don’t have to spend mega bucks to get a good name brand battery/charger from a reputable dealer.

I have the light and like it! Got it for $6 and change! Floodmonster.