What was your "gateway" flashlight?

Addicted from a young age, and while on security, used a 3 cell mag, but wanted something lighter for internal patrols, so found a MXDL SSC P7, then it started ……

this was one of them

A bit of a neutral tint ..hi /lo strobe 3AAA beautifully smooth beam w / zero rings

i still have it ..Wanna buy it ?

ITP A3 upgraded, (my previous was a solitaire flashlight, what a difference!)

I was reading my first ” Doc Ford” novel by Randy Wayne White. Doc Ford is a marine biologist who also belongs to an ultra secret black ops “assassin” group that even the president is not privy to.
In this book he pulled out something called a Fenix LD20, and described it as compact, high powered light that is effective in momentarily blinding an opponent.
Well, I googled “Fenix LD20, and look what’s happened to me.

A 6D maglite, I used to love that thing. I used to put a 5D bulb in it so as to over drive it a bit.

Thanks for the book suggestion I’ll have to have a look for them

generic light from Aldi, with a ‘cree’ probably around 50-100 lumen, blew me away being used to 5mm leds :d

my personal gateway light must have been the UK PenLight 2aaa. In 1997, xenon was still much brighter than LEDs. Also the first torch I EDC’d.

Eerily familiar.

Same story and my first light was a Spiderfire SSC-P7 (C8 knockoff). Blew me away that something so small could be so much brighter than the enormous Mag D lights.

After that, I was hooked.

Incandescent: Got my first Maglite, a 4 D Cell around 1981ish. I remember thinking "this thing is freaking bright!" Wow, how things have changed...

LED: It started about 6 or 7 years ago with the Inova T4 rechargeable. I think they were originally 100 lumens which at the time was considered extremely bright for an LED flashlight.

sipik sk68 clone from focalprice earlier this fall…

I think it was Black Cat from DX.

This was the one that got me hooked and I had to have more!!!
Streamlight® Strion® Rechargeable LED Flashlight with Holder

Sure Fire 6P, Streamlight Scorpion and a Streamlight Poly Stinger started it all. An Inova Xo2 got me into LEDs.

A P60 drop-in and the Scorpion got me into modding.

A mag combo started it (3d + minimag) then I added a 3 led drop in to the minimag.

Few years down the line a cheap 3aaa Cree zoomy, then an xm-l zoomy, xm-l bike light and the madness set in…

While I've loved lights since the 1970's, the thing that put me "over the edge" was coming across a salesman's sample case of Coast/LED Lenser lights.

It would've been far cheaper to have simply walked away from it, and never looked back...

I’ve loved flashlights since I was a little kid, but they were always weak incandescents. I carried my mini-mag every day at work for years. Then in 2008 I bought a Trustfire TR-801 with the hot at the time Q5 and my whole world of lights changed! :slight_smile:

Similar to this one,I bought in 1998 it was an incandescent ironically I found myself buying two. I miss those guys, they had a signalling switch so I could flash coworkers to get there attention.

That is the closest to the model I could find using google. A year later I quit smoking and had over 20 flashlights by 1999 and led flashlights had started hitting the market.

An ITP SA2 Eluma .