What? Why? Who would buy this Plush Poop Style money pot?

I just visited the DD store and saw this by chance. It is so awful! I had to share it you know. It is just too crazy! Had to get it out somehow!


Ahh thats better! Now I no longer suffer alone in this crazy world!

But seriously though - why ?

My nine-year-old nephew would love that.

You have to love the pic of the 'stool' on the office desk, adjacent to the keyboard and mouse.

I'm not sure how I would feel, taking a mint from a glass jar right next to that thing....

Quezy would be my guess!

a much safer place for deposit than a bank, unfortunately

Its from the Dino Dog!

Now, that's what I call Dirty Money!!

Next thing you know, they will have a Shinola bank, and some people won't know one from the other.

Could be a Japanese thing, a poo fetish. The circular pile is considered “cute”.