What will happen to your light collection, your batteries, chargers, tools, cases and spare parts when you leave this world?

I don't have a plan for mine and nobody seems at all interested. Nobody except the fine folk's here would understand what they would really be getting.

Still I am going to need to have something set up in advance.

My current plan is to distribute my flashlights to family members. Let them draw lots on my 80th birthday party.

If I am facing financial difficulty in my old age, one contingent plan is to sell them gradually in flea markets.

Being dead i will have no need to worry about it.
I expect my family will send everything to Salvation army there they won’t know what to do with them and will recycle everything as e-waste.

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My kids will probably take and use some of the stuff I have and then give away/dump the rest. I’m not concerned about what they do with them because 1) I’ll be dead, and 2) it doesn’t even rise to the level of noise with regards to all the other stuff they have to deal with when I’m gone.

What they do with all my stuff I’m fine with if it makes things easier on themselves.

I have a spread sheet of some lights with descriptions and approximate value. I guess leaving a note that BLF would want and know what to do with this stuff would be useful.

Can you imagine your children trying to replace a leaking Imalent battery pack?

I’m guessing that my wife would keep the headlamps and lanterns, a couple of flashlights, and give the rest away. Or possibly craigslist the rest.

Either way, it’s not really my business at that point.

My dad is a hoarder. Old cars mostly. Me and my younger brothers are already thinking what to do with all of that junk when he passes. (Hopefully still degades) My kids will have easier time getting rid of my maybe 30 flashlights.

well, maybe i will last long enough
so my flashights will be waaay out-of-date.
(like incandescent to led)
i do not know what the next innovation
will be, but i expect mine to be
as useless as a sliderule.
bottom line: recycled.

I’m guessing my family will be as interested in my flashlights just as much as my firearms. Meaning zero interest. Hopefully I’ll have some grandkids by that time that will show interest.

I have the same problem with my firearms and related accessories. My magazines, reloaded ammo, and reloading supplies alone are > $10k. Since they don’t care about any of that stuff they’ll probably just junk or give everything away.

I shudder to think about what will happen to my pistols and long arms :person_facepalming:

Wanna be burry whith
In casse of

What’s the matter with a sliderule? :frowning:

3 significant figures is plenty for any engineering or technical work.

Plus it doesn’t need batteries or a power supply.

Don’t you get a chuckle when you see somebody post up an answer they got using a pc microsloft calculator—with 12 to 20 decimal places!! :student:

OT: i guess the kids will fill up a dumpster with all my toys and tools, that’s what i see happens to friends and folks that died.

I still have my Pickett slide ruler that I bought when I started college way back in the stone ages :smiley:

“Slipsticks” are amazing devices. Many large engineering projects were designed using them.I don’t have mine anymore but at one time it was omnipresent, like my phone has become in the last decade.

My main concern is with safety. Lots of batteries and lots of lights. Muggles can do some surprising things.

Since I have only one kiddo. It should not be to hard. :smiley: She likes flash lights and understands they are tools and toys. She even has a few of here own.

From time to time I ask her if she has seen a light that looks like a (insert random design flashlight here) and she will produce said light. She generally lets me know what she needed to for or why she had it. I am ok with that. If only 2-3 of my lights get used and are needed at that time then I consider it a large WIN! I have noticed that she is grabbing lights with more and more complicated UI. Last week she had my favorite around the house light the Astrolux FT02. I asked Why and she answered I needed a lot of light upclose and way over there (Pointing about 50 yards away).

So Like my guns, and accessories I have no worries about when I pass away. She will have my house paid for, all of my hobbies and collections that are already paid for. Very detailed instructions of what she will need to do with Items that I own, and the lawyer will help her with all the paper work that is needed to be done.

I guess it comes from wanting to plan for the future, and putting everything that I can in to a trust and making sure you have thought of what you can.

Well, it’s pretty dark down there…

Does anyone really think that The Muggle would know what to do with a light that’s running andy1 or andy2?

They’d probably just go pressing buttons like a bored chimp, not know how to even do basic functions, be unimpressed, and toss ’em.

If anything, I should go “thin the herd” a bit, but I’ve been saying that for years…

Ah, well. taH pagh taHbe’.

You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon :smiley: