what will you do on April Fool's day

Hi all:

April Fool's day is coming ,what will you do on that day ?

Any good ideas?


no idea yet.

hi Candy, hope you're doing fine!

Any new dance performances upcoming? :D

you looked so pretty!

I'm of on holidays to either sunny or cyclone Queensland for 3 weeks. Hopefully can suck the kids in with something really dumb or maybe they will get me. Little ( Big Buggers).

say "hi" to my friend from Chicago.

Consider it done. But how do I recognise him?

You'll know when he shows up here slightly different then normal. Unbeknownst to me, we're BFFs.

I'm going to buy something from focalprice!

Oh, wait, it isn't april fool's day yet, sorry.

I'll make a post here about increasing throw of reflector based XM-L flashlights by drilling a conical hole into the LED dome. That's of course complete bullsh** and will just ruin the LED, but I'll be pretty convincing. I'll add tech talk and optics buzzwords ("Rays hitting the cone surface will be either redirected to the reflector by total inner reflection, or if they hit the surface by a steep angle, by refraction towards the opposite side of the reflector. Thus rays that would normally end up as spill will now contribute to throw.") as well as fake measurent results ("I got 32% more throw!") that are nice, but not implausible. I'll also add instructions that leave enough room for misinterpretation, so when people can't get the results I'll be able to find some error on their side ("The cone angle was wrong", "your drill wasn't sharp enough and produced a rough surface, check with a microscope", "You drilled not deep enough", "You drilled to deep", "must be well centered within 1/20 mm"). People will ruin their LEDs and buy new ones, while I have some CREE stock.

good one lol!


lmao, that funniest part is, I kind of want to go home, taper a #52 bit and drill a hole in a dome.

Thanks for reminding me about April fools. I need to buy some glazed donuts today. They will be super stale and hard as concrete for April 1st morning debut at the coffee machine @ work.

Celebrate my 35th wedding anniversary!

Troop, my first marriage occurred on the first of April also. I always joked with her that the priest was a phony and we weren't really married. Fast forward almost 2 decades and I wish it had been true. Would have saved me a ton in child support and alimony. :)

Here's to another 35 years together. May the joke be on anyone who bet against the two of you! ;)

Hmmm... A side-emitting XM-L; that sounds like a good idea! All I have is this bit; will it work?

only at HIGH speed

The cone angle is never wrong!

Work :(

I'm going to act like a fool..Oh wait, I do that everyday :)

My wife says she wants to do something on our anniversay that she hasn't done since we were first married.

So I'm thinking maybe she plans on spending the day in the kitchen, cooking.

I plan on screwing up someone's flashlight for April fools. Tongue Out Not!

Maybe I will make stupid posts on BLF - Oh, been there done that already.Sealed

Maybe I should just stay in bed and sleep.Innocent