What would you buy from LightsCastle with $40?

Have a $40 coupon to spend at LightsCastle . What’s a good light for a good buy here?

Personally, one of these…


Good choices but I already have plenty of Warriors and T08s.


That was actually almost the first light I bought. Still curious about it, seems no-one has bought one to go into. I like the look, the ‘Cudgel of Light’ if you will. :bigsmile:





Most are over $40.00 but not by much. Very hard to tell if you can mod these lights. If you can mod these, could be a lot of fun.

Sigh… I’ve been waiting for my bike light that never arrive from the sale back in April…
after numerous exchanged of e-mails, that goes to nowhere and they still refused to refund me and still kept on asking me to wait.
I told them that this is BS… from April until Aug?.. how long must I keep on waiting for it?
unfortunately paypal is useless by this time, I would hope my case would steer people away from doing business with them.
Should anything happens…you’re pretty much lose your $$$ :Sp

But if you have the coupon, I guess use them and make sure you choose shipping with tracking.
But then again… their way of shipping things with tracking is useless as they used Malaysian post which is useless for tracking anything.