What you screwed up today

I’ve had a lot of successful mods and builds but I’ve also had a few screw-ups here and there…I’m sure everyone has. That’s what this thread is dedicated too…I’ll be more than happy to post the first one. This happened last night when a bit broke in my dremel…

My life


Tried to order a discounted Thorfire + charger and battery from Amazon. Didn’t succeed.

Then I somehow managed, completely unplanned, to order one Astrolux S1 and one DQG Tiny 18650 instead.

I have horrible self control :person_facepalming:

this is normal behavior for a flashaholic in the wild / unsupervised

Oh boy, I hope I don’t have to contribute anything new on this thread. :person_facepalming:

Nothing yet, but then I have only been up for ten minutes…….

Fixed that pic for you:

Heh Heh… Now, post that in the Perfect Dedome thread. :smiling_imp:

Now that’s just dirty, lol.

Well, I was looking at my newly arrived Proxxon rotary tool in its case. My cat was looking too. She placed her paws on the open lid in order to get a better look. The lid pushed down which caused the bottom to flip up, burying the ultra fine engraving bit deeply into the back of my finger. It was hard to pull back out. Lots of blood.

I screwed up a fence picket layout today, one end space was about half of the other end. Caught before nailing but led to lots of pencil eraser wear. Pride took a beating- I’m known for perfect layouts first time everytime.


LOL…just remember, the only ones that make no mistakes are those who do nothing. :wink:

Was trying to remove a very stuck XP-L HI MCPCB from an X6 by twitsting it over the wires to try and pop it off. The pliers slipped, and damaged the emitter. :cry:

Attempted to part off a mag tube with too wide a tool too fast and not enough grip. Fail…

I’m thinking of making a deep set of aluminum jaws bored specifically for mags to avoid this problem in the future.

Pics or it didn’t happen :wink:
Good luck with the healing!

I dissembled old Magcharger in hope I could easily mod it… I guess I am not that good as I thought I am…
It is the most complicated flashlight on the planet or I am to dumb to mod it (probably other).
So now I have disassembled parts and puzzle “how to” all day in my head.

Did you have a center in the opposite end of the work piece Turningbluechips? Its a bugger when things like that happen.

Modding Maglites is an exclusively american hobby, originating from nostalgia and nationalism, but certainly it has nothing to do with moddability :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

When turning tubes, always have something in the tailstock going inside. It may or may not save the workpiece but at least it will not go flying across the shop if it gets loose from the chuck.

I ordered the wrong part for my Niece’s car. 5 different ones for that year and I guessed wrong, trying again today! Glad she doesn’t need the car right away.


My shoulder, i did something to it while sleeping