Whats a Good 14500 LiOn Battery ?

Whats a good 14500 LiOn Battery with LSD for single cell flashlights for the SK68 ?
If the price is good and the charge stays, I am considering scrapping 1.2V NiMH altogether !

from Fasttech: https://www.fasttech.com/p/1287511

Definitly the Sanyo UR14500P, I have been using four of them for the last year. In my Sunwayman V11R and vaping mini mod nothing else compares for run time.

If I needed more than 3 amps then it would be the Efest IMR. But for my use the Sanyo has better capacity.

If you care for a protected battery, this Nitecore battery is an option (if i remember it well, it uses a Sanyo cell inside):


For an sk68 you better get protected cells!
Because of the boost driver, it sucks an unprotected cell down to 2 Volt before you really notice…
…and it doesn’t stop there!
Because the typical sk68 driver can even work at 0.8 Volts…

“They” say Keeppower 840mAh protected 14500 are very good, has a Sanyo cell, “they” say.

I’ve got a couple of those and can recommend them, good cost/capacity and good quality.

Not sure, but maybe these are the same

Now on sale at wallbuys. $7,39

This might help those that need to find some for a good price !

KeepPower 14500 $6.76/2pcs