Whats a good flashlight to mod?

Im really finding it hard to get a cheap flashlight (like 5 bux) that has sufficient heat sinking, let alone ANY heat sinking.

ive bought sooo many lights with empty aluminum pills (not solid to accept proper thermal glue)

and i think its getting annoying.

I esp like 18650 sized lights i can mod, that are cheap!

Folks usually dont go out to buy mod hosts ... Usually !

If you have an old Maglite lying around ? Like a Mini Mag , then I just posted a link to a very cheap / easy mini mag mod I came up with a long time ago ... Simply because I didnt like the complicated and pricey solutions some folks were coming up with , not that they were not good , or trick , or effective , they just were not budget !

Same with the 2C 3C and D series mags , if you have one , why not mod it ? make it effective ... I love my 2D , now 6xAA and XP-G R4 ...

My 3D is 9xAA and SSC P7 , My 6D is still 6D but is XP-G R4 as well , mags are throw city when XP-G ed .

A small CR123A light thats good to mod = Ultrafire A20 ... I have 2 stock ones , and the 3rd was , XP-G R3 , now SSC P7 [ Nice flood light ] , one of the other two may become XM-L ...

I like the Ultrafire RL-168 , mine is moded to SSC P4 now , and I like it .

I also did a real nice twisty mod a long time ago on a cheap host , its now Q5 5 mode and works like a treat [ Pre - ITP etc ] ...

But $5 hosts in 18650 size , I cant think of any worth a damn ..

For $10 you can buy a P60 host , and then build your own custom pills ... Thats all I can think of .. for 18650

yea i dont like the p60 hosts. heat sinking is too poor for me, however i do like the mobility of them, so i do have a few

ill look into the A20, i picked up that richuang (or however u spell it) 5 dollar LED flashlight, for the money its GREAT, but it has no good heatsinking so i cant upgrade it :-(

as far as mags go, i dont like the minimags platform for use, too large, unless u want to put it in your mouth and work lol

so instead im working on making my minimag into a burning laser!

also i have two 3D mags, which were going to be SST-90 builds, but they are just too expensive for my budgets right now

i do alot of Aurora V6 builds, since the DIY case is only 12 bux on DX. I LOVE this platform, but its just too expensive.

esp since the pills are so easy to bend now that u can deform it in a matter of seconds.

any other suggestions guys?


lol throw up some more pics than that. i heard there was a deal a while ago but i missed it.

someone should email me next time there is one like that


anyone have that one?

id like to know if the pill is usable

i didnt realize how many useless-to-mod flashlights i had!

i think im gonna have to sell someof them!

suggestions guys on ANY 18650, 14500 or 16340 platforms i can upgrade on the cheap!?

bump for this question, and look up my MC-E question. that one is my top priority!

Did you have to increase the hole size for the MC-R?

Did you change the driver for all of them?

u mean MC-E!

MC-E is the SAME diameter as XR-E

i use the Aurora V6 to host those as well! which is designed for a p4 lol

That picture is not mine, but the user has not changed drivers yet.

As xP.1337 says its the same diameter.

yea ill get some pictures up of the V6 ones