what's a slick host for hunting light

I'm on the look for a slick looking hunting host to build a red flashlight that can throw pretty far ??? Zoom ???post any pics or host options

search Brinyte B158. It’s very nice and literally made to be mounted on a rifle.

Thanks I'll have a look into it

Another option, the Maxtoch selection are awesome. Some also tweaked for rifle-mount, and have a 1inch tube for rings.

Several lights can be modded to give a good performance for this use. I have C8 with XPG2 (modded by 18sixfifty) that is a tight-beamed thrower which would work well for this purpose. I had planned on using my BLF M24 on my scout rifle but after seeing this one I may use it instead- smaller, lighter, and with enough performance for the ranges I intend to use it at.

It’s a tough question to answer since you’re open to modding where the possibilities are exponentially larger than with stock lights!