Whats best a pre packed 18650 or individual cells in a holder ? (pics)

Whats best a pre packed 18650 or individual cells in a holder ?

Im getting mixed opinions some say charging a pre packed cell is best and will hold more charge others say individual cells charged separately will last longer (per use)

So assuming all cells are the same and of good quality which is the best approach.


or this

With the pre pack you don’t know what cells are inside.
The box in your picture I believe is a 2S2P which may or may not be what you want . But you know what cells you are using

You can read the MTBR forum many threads on battery packs and holders


Hi, sorry for the slow reply

The pre packed cells are from a reputable source with genuine NCR18650B cells as are the individual cells

The question im really asking is what is the real world difference between charging individually with the XTAR charger algorithm or letting the pre packed cell balance cells ? will either option be superior over the life of the cells ?

as reference these are the light units

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I would never buy pre made battery packs no matter what cell they claim to use. For a bike light I recommend using the solarstorm cell carrier (I think GB has them) and 4x mid-drain high capacity cells like the samsung 30Q or the Panasonic NCR18650BD, they’re about $5 each now. And always charge individually with a proven and tested charger like the Xtar above.

The pre packed cells i have are Genuine NCR18650B from a reputable source who is supplied direct by Panasonic (and Samsung), i have no doubt they are genuine so im just wondering what the real world advantage / disadvantage is of each option

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