Whats new in AA and multi AA lights?

Hey guys,

I’ve been away from the forum for about 6 months and the previous 6 months before that was just logging in to chat with friends here without really reading much.

Just wondering whats new/good in single and multiple (8, 4 or even 2 if its side by side) AA lights in the last year or so.

I may or may not buy something but I feel like I’ve been out of the loop for a long time, I doubt even the LEDs remember being a big deal are even current any more.

Thanks for any replies.

Nitecore EA45S with an XPL-HI is fairly new and pretty awesome, 2x 2AA stacked.

In the last year, my favourite AA light is the Zebralight SC5w. 1xAA, neutral white, 500 lumens, classic Zebralight UI.

In 2xAA, Armytek has recently improved the LED in their Prime lights. It now uses XP-L. Not a huge change over the XM-L2 versions, but it does boost the lumens a bit.

I have been pretty impressed by Thrunite Archer 1A v2 in the last year: nothing technically sci-fi but a very well put together project in terms of features and build quality.

I'm searching futilely for an AA light with a 20mm lens and not having any luck. It seems 95% of all AA/14500 torches are zoomies these days. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. Nothing high end though, as I'm going to tear it apart for modding.

(see that M4D M4X for code)

AA Mini-Mag has a 22.65mm diameter stock lens and works good with carclo 20mm triple optics if that’s what you’re after.

AA (Alkaline/NiMH) or 14500 Lithium?

Thorfire TG06/05

Manker T01:


I think CooYoo Particle Mis intresting

We’re still waiting for the replacement of the Olight S15/S15R…

:question: guess that would be the S1A and S2A…