What's the best 14500 for Xeno E03?

Hello boys,

I just ordered an E03 xml in pretty blue and I'm searching for couple of new batteries that would provide me with some good run times.

I was wondering if there is any other protected 14500 on the market worth checking out beside the TF Flames?

I've read some good reviews on the IMR 14500 and the price is good too but they are not protected so they might not be the best option for the E03!

Also, I'm not sure what fits in the E03 and what doesn't so any help is much appreciated.

As far as sheer firepower, I like and only use AW IMR batteries. Sure, less runtime, but safe chemistry and heavy load tolerances are a good selling point. For good runtimes, I use Sanyo Eneloops (1500 cycle ones). Less firepower, but safe chemistry and good runtimes. "Safety Above All." Baby!

I see. I was referring to these IMR cells and that's why I said the price is good but since AW has protected IMR then I might just go for those instead. Although they cost quadruple but at least I know I'll receive protected cells that should last me some years.

AFAIK, the IMR cells sold by AW are NOT protected.

They are, however, of very good quality.

Are you discussing the red or black cells?

Thanks for the correction!

It appears that I was looking at the non-IMR AW protected cells which are in black with silver label.

How do these perform in E03 compared to AW IMR?

They do very well. The draw from the E03 is a bit above recommended specs, but I haven't noticed a reduction in lifespan in mine yet.

Please remember that discharging the cell repeatedly until the protection trips will dramatically reduce its useful life. One still needs to monitor voltage, as with any Lithium-Ion cell.

A protection circuit does not obviate safe Li-Ion handling procedures. Please be safe.

I'm into the RC hobby so I know the do's & the don'ts of lithiums.

I would not count on a circuit board to protect me from my own stupidity, but the protection is a nice thing to have which could come in handy in some circumstance. You're right, the circuit is just a last resort safety step and one should not be relying on it.

Anyways, I'll just go for couple of the AW IMR for now to make the E03 a true pocket rocket.

The AW IMRs are an excellent choice, and your post above is very true. I'm glad you seem to be an experienced user, as I'm always a bit apprehensive seeing the newer members naturally gravitate towards the most powerful torch, and the cheapest cell to accompany it. :)

Lifepo4 14500's work well in the Xeno E03, you also get better mode spacing and the light isn't driven quite as hard...

Any trusted brand or a particular place you can recommend for getting the Lifepo4's?


Haha, I've been using Westinghouse Lifepo4's from Walmarts solar lighting section. They are a bit hit or miss. I've had a couple cells die just sitting in my drawer, but I also have a couple that are still going strong after about 2 years.

The Bestinone's tested out pretty well in Mitro's test (below). $8 for a pair with free shipping is a pretty good deal. Most IMR's are not protected because they don't have thermal runaway problems of LiCo cells. I have some batteries, but not a Xeno to test them in. I would worry about using an IMR in a direct driven light because it might burn out the LED. Since you asked for the best, the AW IMR's are certainly better, but cost more.


Shaotech sells the same sells as Best In One, but from the US. I'm not sure how much shipping is to the moon.