What's the deal with 18650 battery freight and availability now?

We’ve had had real problems sourcing and freighting Li-ion 18650 batteries for a while. However…DX are now offering them internationally.

Has the problem eased? Can people comment from experience on what is the current status with international freight of these batts. Can we get them readily again from China. Where can we now get these batts at best prices. Fasttech? DX etc.


Have had no problems at all getting batteries, best deals lately are the Panasonic protected 3100mah at DX for I think around $11 a pair and the Samsung 2600mah protected at Banggood for around $8 a pair.

Thanks for that - those are very good prices.

Posting to the US might be a different story than to AUS/NZ.

I’ve only bought laptop packs locally for cells, since the shipping problems a few months back.

The only exception was the cell that came with the DQG bullet from CNQG, which came through OK about a month or so ago, although it was in the torch, & also packaged quite heavily.

It’d be good to hear from people in AUS/NZ who have successfully ordered lithium cells recently.

4 Panasonic 3400’s, came individually wrapped in clear thin plastic bags. These were then packaged in a quite thin bubble wrap lined brown paper parcel about the size of a pack of cigs. No problems at all with delivery maybe 4-6 weeks ago. They were hardly, if at all, protected in that packaging. Not even a cheap nasty plastic battery box.

But if you prefer I could tell you a tale of smugglers, a hunchback, a hollowed out bible and too much rum.

I’ve recently asked Cal from IS about this, he said small quantities of 18650’s are no problem.
Those $11/pair NCRA’s are very tempting…

DX has been out of these for almost three weeks now.
When, or if, they are able to get more soon, is anyone’s guess.

I ordered Panasonic’s from DX on 3/18, there was a sticker “shipping in 72Hrs”, they are still not shipped … :expressionless:

Banggood is mentioned above - are they good? Who and where are they - reliable service?

I have sent an email to Fasttech about batt supply - esp to internationals. Will see what they say.

BG are like the other Chinese stores. Some will rave about them, others condemn. Myself, I found them to be good for the two orders Ive done (last 8 weeks or so). They delivered my batteries to the west island no worries.

“Thank you for your recent order with DX.COM. This email is to let you know that your order is currently being processed. Our system will update your order status as soon as new status information is available.”

14 days later they sent out the “we are currently awaiting restock on one or more of your items” email.

Fasttech and Banggood seem to still have protected 3100 pannys.

They are both located in China. Slow shipping to me but no problems on my end with small orders of 4 items or less.
So far…

Yeah - hit me with that story! :bigsmile:

Good to hear that they are getting through again. I might have to order some of the new big-bangers…

“Ejected Filament wrote:
But if you prefer I could tell you a tale of smugglers, a hunchback, a hollowed out bible and too much rum.”

V Good :bigsmile: :bigsmile: We give our aussie cousins stick for being convicts, but I didn’t know they were also prominent in the Cornish smuggler fraternity.

Will try fasttech and banggood. Hell of a name that…banggood!

And we give you NZ’ers stick for being sheep shaggers, the world spins on :wink:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: Very good!

woah, I ordered on 3/28 … the waiting game…

Would love to order from fasttech but too bad I am in Vietnam atm, so many retards in my country that order stuffs with bogus credit card so now they have decided to ban the whole IP range.

FastTech does not support your country

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I canceled my order from DX 2 days ago :_(

FastTech sent me an email saying they are posting batts. They are trialling MalaysiaPost which will still send lithium-ions internationally.

I canceled my DX order too. Refund showed up very quickly which makes me think they are getting plenty of practice on battery order refunds.