What's the deal with 18650 battery freight and availability now?

still no refund here :frowning:

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Try accessing fasttech via a proxy or tor. I tried choosing Vietnam at fasttech and it didn’t reject me. Perhaps just your IP is blocked for some reason.

Yeah I’m really reluctant to purchase any 18650’s overseas at the moment.
Only two places I know that sell are Battery World and Jaycar and it’s at least $20 a battery which is just ridiculous.
You can try online - I know a trustworthy eBay-er that sells a pair of 3400mAh Panasonic Protected in South Australia for $34 (free shipping).
It’s pretty steep if you compare it to FT,DX etc. but it’ll arrive within a few days and you definitely will have good customer support.

Or maybe try AliExpress? Heaps of decent sellers from China and lots of options too!

I’m happy with the new Asus laptop packs I’m getting from ‘GameDude’; In-store pickup $15 nets 8 Samsung 28a’s , if you want it posted in Aus, add $9.50. Hard to beat that :slight_smile:

Fellas, there doesnt seem to be an issue with li ions to Australia at the moment. I recently had 4 Panasonic 3400s delivered without a hitch from BangGood. Maybe, 2 months ago now. It cost me about $34 and I got 4 of them.

But protected?!

And thanks for the heads up mate. I’ll have to check out banggood. I just get so confused as to which site I’ve checked - there are too many!

hi first post! Lurker for about 3 weeks now :slight_smile:

l didn’t have any issues with the post! Received torch, 2 batteries and Charger 2 weeks ago. Try protactical09 the batteries were in a ziplock bag sandwiched between felt material.

Good to see a few members from this part of the world! :bigsmile:

Hi Helios-, thanks for the welcome… lurker for 2 years here, and I thought I did register before >.<

dx finally shipped my pana batteries on 23rd/April… with the new stock, price is now 17.61$ instead of 11$ like before.