What's the estimated color temperature / tint of these Nichia beams (pics)?

All of these flashlights use Nichias, some use 219B, some are 219C.

For some of them, the flashlight has been labeled to use that specific color temperature.

I have labeled #1 to #6. The number label always refers to the exact same flashlight (I took multiple pictures / angles and at different brightness levels since they have different brightness).

#1 219C - 5700K (was specified in the flashlight)
#2 219C - unspecified (probably 5000K)
#3 219C - unspecified (probably 4000-4500K)
#4 219B - unspecified (probably 4000-4500K)
#5 219C - 4000K (was specified in the flashlight)
#6 219B - unspecified (probably 4000-4500K)

(I'm quite sure that the 219B or 219C are really correct for those flashlights)

I'd like to ask the estimated color temperatures for flashlights # 2, 3, 4 & 6 .. Also if you have any comment on them (the #5 219C 4000K seems to what is called a "yellowish" or "greenish" tint, right? )