What's the floodiest AA flashlight for less than $30 ??

What’s the floodiest 1x AA flashlight ?

the light beam as wide as possible, something like this >>>

the more lumens the better,
it doesn’t matter if it is zoomable, or with smooth hot spot …

I will use only AA batteries, No 14500.

can you please give me some advice ?!

Thanks …

a Mule! (no Lens / no reflector) i guess

i have one cheap Zoomie (from Aldi ;)) where i put away the Lens and Head

what about this CRELANT V11A , anyone has this flashlight ??


my cheap sk68 will do the same :slight_smile:

14500 gives them much more Power… :wink:

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it looks an awful lot like a 60° Optic, or a zoomed-out Aspheric

When it’s fully assembled, the V11A is not very floody, but the light body has 3 pieces, the bezel/head, a pill section (emitter+driver) and the battery tube, and you can remove the bezel/head part, leaving the emitter exposed. The light also can tailstand, so this is intended so you can use it in kind of lantern mode, but it is definitely floody when used like that (albeit with nothing protecting the emitter).

Look st the Nitecore SENS series and some of their other AA lights. Very floody.


Spark SG5, but it will cost more than $30

Looks like zoomed out aspheric.
Sharp edge, centre is cooler white than surround.

Mini Maglite with the head off. Seriously this would meet the ops requrients of widest beam and most floody. The Pro and Pro+ put out respectable numbers too.

Any of them without the lens and bezel;

A zoomie, this one’s got a better (smoother) flood than any of my SK68s

put “dealsmachine” in as the discount code;
NOTE to uncheck insurance on the payment page.

Looks like that 28mm long-focal-distance lens…

Wow, I am just aware that the Crelant V11A is actually using XM-L2 U*3* bin. Really not a lot we can see.

And do not expect too much lumens from a single AA. I can estimate that a single AA will only give you not more than 200 lumens at most.

I think the V11A are great lights. In size they are a bit large. Nice beam and very floody. Very robust and well made. You can replace the tail switch on your own if need be.

A Lumapower LM31 are nice lights also. Very floody. Drawbacks in the one I own are: Green tint, not waterproof, no mode memory. These lights are sold in Germany.

SB Flashlights have this model: L3 ILLUMINATION L10C CREE XPG2 $32

They are made by Supbeam/Acebeam so you could buy them from a Chinese dealer.

The Xtar WK50 are nice floody lights also. You can buy them in the US for around $26.00

Here is the cheapest and floodiest light you can get! :smiley:

Edit: Just realized that this wouldn’t work as the voltage is too low…

You won't get much brightness on AA, but you probably want a cheap zoomie (like an sk68) or something that you can use a TIR optic in.

very nice… LOL :slight_smile:

Well, I like this ThruNite T10 … maybe it’s not the floodiest, but looks very convenient …