Whats the most crazyest thing youve seen during the virus epidemic

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go on ,entertain me

whats the most crazyet thing youve seen during this epidemic

apart from the toilet roll mass buy!

Not sure it’s related to the virus but gas is $1.50 a gallon here in town.

How about at the beginning of the epidemic when a certain politician said everything is under control...

Yeah, right!

(Under control my arse.)

China welding doors closed on apartment buildings

That’s real rich coming from somebody that lives in California…

Q. What does California have to with lying politicians?

A. Nothing!

California isn't perfect (no place is), but I love the weather/climate here.

Take your hatred of California elsewhere.

It's completely unnecessary and unwanted.


Back on topic...

I just want our politicians to tell the truth, especially in times of crisis like this epidemic.

I'm sick of all the lies, though I have gotten used to them because there are so many.

How’s this for “crazy”?

CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 36 million flu illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths from flu.

Why no influenza pandemic in the USA, since 22,000 US citizens have already died from influenza?

lol Same here.
At first the minierter of public health said like “It’s just some kind of flu. What the hell to worry about!”. Later they said everything is under control. Sure, the situation getting worse evryday and now they try to stop Covid with magic. :weary:

Yeah, I'm sure that tons of politicians around the world have lied about the epidemic, and remember, I never said which politician I was talking about.

The infection rate and mortality rates are far higher for C-19. There is a vaccine for seasonal flu. We got our flu shots in December. Getting a flu shot is a good idea, even this late.

If the US government and population do nothing, there could potentially be millions of fatalities.

As things are, the USA is about 17 days behind Italy and the UK is about 15 days behind Italy.

Have a look:


(The number of confirmed cases in the UK is far below the actual number because they are only testing Hospital admissions.)

2017/2018 influenza China >300,000 deaths, C-19 so far less than 8000

Do we really need a pandemic shutdown?
Did in 2017/18 someone did a single thing about the flu?

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Apart from the panic buying and the low petrol/gasoline price… probably the dominance of the Coronavirus in the news cycle.

Although not crazy, it’s weird to have an unofficial holiday period as if it were Christmas/New year again.

This is not a normal seasonal flu. This is not a normal “bad” flu.

Doing nothing would likely result in millions of deaths.

Epidemic modelling at Imperial College London predicts 510,000 deaths in the UK and 2.2 million deaths in America. This does not include the additional deaths caused by the health care system being overwhelmed.

But that is if we do nothing. The UK is hoping to bring that down to ~ 20,000 with voluntary isolation and shutdowns.

Alex Jones selling “corona virus cure” toothpaste.

It is not a cure. It isn’t even safe to use.



It’s the wrong trousers, Gromit!

You owe me a new keyboard!

Surely this is some kind of setup. I started off thinking of how that dog looked a bit scared of this buzzing thing over its head. I’m also pretty sure that a drone like that wouldn’t run for long enough to actually get that poor dog any real exercise. And where exactly is it going to ‘go’ in that environment with that kind of thing hovering above? Dogs like to wander and check out the smells of their environment!