Whats the OD of a 2C Mag body? (Found)

Cheers chums, just toying with an idea and don’t have a “C” mag to hand at the mo…

(about) 30.455mm on the Maglite website :slight_smile:

What's the idea your toying with? C mag is one of the best feeling lights in my hand

I’m just thinking about the potential of grafting a bigger head onto a cut down C mag body. 2x 26500 with tailswitch. It might be a bit too “sink plunger” though…

Gonna have to bore it too for 26650s

Thats not good news. I thought that 26500’s were the same size as c cells :frowning:

Oh well, without a lathe or even a brake hone its back to the drawing board with this one.

That's what I thought too, but found out that they need a hair shaved off the inside to let a cell fit. Some of the members here will be able to bore it for you for a small fee if you want to go on with the mod.

If you can use an older C Mag without a ‘C’ in the serial number 26xxx cells usually fit no problem.

Cheers for the help guys :slight_smile: