Whats up with Chinese New Year?

Trust me, it's very big a deal. There are some Chinese who don't really celebrate it as well (some Chinese who are more westernised or don't have that many contacts/relatives/friends), so for them it's just a "stay at home and rot" kind of holiday. New clothes, new underwear, new socks, new bedsheet, you clean the whole house which is called spring cleaning, in the streets you do rounding and the kids use snow sprays/water guns to round, visiting of relatives, drink and be merry etc....etc

Actually it lasts for 14 days, and 1st day is 23rd Jan.

Thanks for explaining that, I did not understand until I read what you wrote regarding context of migrant workers...and your large populace and country.

Thanks again for explain it to me in a nice way, because in Canada its not really the same way so I just didnt know.

Happy 2012 for you and your family, health and success, best wishes in the New Year!


It is just amazing how culture can be so different.

No problem.

Hi friends, indeed our New Year vacation is from Jan 21th to Jan 28th, almost 10 days, many worker will go home for celebrate the New Year, but our CS will still go on their work. But I will try my best to come here and do my BLF daily work.

Happy New Year to all of our friends and sellers in China. Enjoy the time off, you deserve it!

You are a hard working girl!!

I think we have come to a consensus that Summer is a GUY!

Somebody has posted a picture from FB that she is a beautiful girl! Or I made a mistake!!

You made a mistake :bigsmile: Well, in part :) It was a beautiful girl (celebrity) but it wasn't Summer :bigsmile:

BTW, I have 2 lights on the way. Long wait awaiting me... :(

That means no more New Products on MF/DX. Cry

I've been clicking "Refresh" on the new products page all day and finally realized it's CNY and that my efforts were in vain. I'm just glad that my outstanding orders had aleady shipped and should nearly be here now!

On the other hand, this means that my communication with Jim @ MF to try and straighten out an order where I was shipped the wrong product will be delayed by a couple of extra weeks. I've been working with MF Customer Service since late December and still haven't had the issue resolved.


Dang, all we get for CNY here in the U.S. is those red envelopes with cash from our older Asian relatives.

I am young willie lee. All old Lee in china and around the world send me large red envelopes of cash. Happy New Year!

Thanks man, you are very kindness.

Well, you can have a look here https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/5914 #42

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭起发财! I'm sure you're not #43!!

Wow, your Chinese is cool, and thanks very much for your kindness(祝你新年快乐), and we alway says Wishing you prosperity like this 恭喜发财 O(∩_∩)O .

# 43 ...has gone with the wind...