What's wrong with this picture?

lol everything

Duracell alkaline in charger :slight_smile:

What we cant recharge those? :wink:

Maybe we can, but only once! :bigsmile:

does it say it can charge AA and AAA battery. Are we supposed to do that. a DURACELL in my hand said no charging.

Whoa! You sure it's not a prank pic? The brand is "HESTON" as in "Charles Heston" and it does it with "NRA". Charles Heston and the NRA go hand-in-hand with each other. ;)

it should be connected to a car battery to show universal charger capability.


@ xevious and Johnny

^ Thanks, Jack. H)

Gotcha, Johnny! I did a little modding to the original. :wink: Nice meme gen there too. :smiley:

You sure did! I was like “wait…WTH???”

Damned good photoshopping, BTW. :bigsmile:

Haha.. Good one guys! (Still laughing)

you guys never seem to amaze me….beat that ‘other’ forum hands down.

So, I’m supposed to charge one to give it a try. 0:)
and ,is BESTON a beer brand 0:)

The one Wallbuys sell is obviously much better. LCD display! It can not only charge AA duracells, but AAA duracells too!


I can’t believe you guys, its obvious that they’re using the alkaline to charge up the rechargeables. Sheesh. S)