what's wrong with this switch conneection? cables do heats up......

hello i bought this 12v switch http://www.banggood.com/12V-30A-LED-Light-Car-Boat-Auto-Rocker-SPST-Toggle-Switch-12mm-p-956774.html

i connected this in this way and the led is ON, and the bottom barrel is WITH current. so basically the switch is at ON STATE. and no cable heats up.

then i connect in this way, it should be OFF state. led is off, and bottom barrel is WITHOUT current. but unfortunately something heats up the cables… BOTH cables. why?
if led is nopowered, what current is passing throught the switch?

this is the precise scheme of the labeled switch. maybe i am doing some error?

If the wires are getting hot they are effectively the load in a live circuit, I suggest you get an ohm meter and properly identify the terminals on the switch. And I wouldn’t continue what you’re doing with that Li-Ion until you know what’s going on.

i don’t understand if this switch is SUPPOSED …. that when OFF > led is ON or…………when OFF> led is OFF .

please someone explain me. because i tryed another kind of connection with + pole of battery in bottom barrel, and - battery pole in higher barrel. THIS WORKS OK (in the central barrel current do pass when led is OFF…) but in this way the led is ALWAYS ON WHEN IN OFF STATE. it could be supposed to be used in a “car”…. but i need to use with a battery so i can’t always power that led…. would drain all battery in weeks…….

This switch may only be configured one way. More configurable switches will have more terminals.

Battery + goes to “Supply”, battery - goes to “Earth” and “Load” is used for, well your load.
The switch should be illuminated when in the On position only and the load terminal should be hot only when switched on.

Again I would check with an ohm meter, when in the off position you should have an open circuit from the Supply terminal to either other terminal. There may be an internal short in the switch.

And I wouldn’t use that switch for anything close to it’s “Rated” 30A.

itin…… you are RIGHT (Battery + goes to “Supply”, battery – goes to “Earth” and “Load” is used for, well your load.)

i tested and works ok……. led is on when switch is closed/ON. thank you very much.

so the central and LONGER connector is the load……